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A Tale of Love

Once upon a time there was bold young princess, and a dashing young prince. They met, and the rest is, well…the story of our daughter Beth and new son-in-law Sergio. This is a pretty Facebook-y photoblog, but many of you … Continue reading

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Hey, I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know…

Here are 50 facts, from fascinating to facetious, that you probably didn’t know. These may not alter your view of reality forever, but they will give you something to spout during those lulls in conversation. Just begin by saying, “Hey, … Continue reading

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Bless the Beasts and the Children

My heart has been troubled at how unimaginably brutal our world has become of late. So the only thing that felt appropriate was to post this collection of reminders, both silly and sweet, that love and kindness still exist. For … Continue reading

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Abandoned cars, ships, factories, houses. Some seem lonely, orphaned. Others deserve their fate. They cry, “I was beautiful and important once!” And we reply, “No, you never were.” Many are beautiful only now that they’ve been reclaimed by a splendor … Continue reading

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Bad Luck…or Bad Choices?

Today is Friday the 13th! Shocking statistics reveal that accidents are 100 times more likely to occur when people take stupid risks on a Friday the 13th (or any other day of the year)! In light of these facts, here … Continue reading

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Unlikely Heroes

Not all heroes wear uniforms. Some simply wear their hearts on their sleeves. They may do nothing more than smile when they see someone in need of a smile. But make no mistake — in those moments, they are heroes. … Continue reading

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Animal Photobombs

Like humans, some animals have “big personalities.” Others are, well, hams (“haminals?”). And, finally, some are totally da bomb, as in big-time photobombers! Click on any image to enlarge it, or to begin slideshow.

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Breathtaking Landscapes

This is the first time I’ve featured a single photographer in one of my Friday Photoblogs. Will I do it again? Yes, if I find another photographer whose work I enjoy as much as that of Johannes Plenio! Johannes, who … Continue reading

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Awesome Comparisons

“And by comparison…” How often do we hear or use that phrase? Still, not all comparisons are equally impressive. “I’ve lost 1/2 a pound!” “Really? Keep it up, dude.” vs. “I’ve lost 30 pounds!” “Dude, it shows!!” Big vs small. … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Winter

Winter’s a curtain God draws while the scene Alters from ambers to fervent greens And yet, no mere drape, this skeletal cloth Itself is alive with a numinous frost So, come anew, winter, miraculous friend When your transforming veil is … Continue reading

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