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Cheddar Cheese and Rock ‘n’ Roll

My Real Memoir Suddenly, without realizing it, I acquired a third BFF. Unthinkable! Oh, I’d had good friends before, lots of them. Even some temporary BFs like my “Fatman and Ribbon” cohort Fred, unwitting host of the infamous “IHeardThereWasAnOrgyAtFred’sHouse” party. … Continue reading

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76 Years Ago Today

D-Day: It was the largest and riskiest invasion in human history. Courage worth commemorating, yes. But beyond that, if June 6, 1944, still has something to teach us–and I believe it does–it may be this: 1) That evil exists 2) … Continue reading

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The Most Amazing Lie in History!

IN HONOR OF THE 75th ANNIVERSARY OF D-DAY I’m reprinting this story which originally appeared in the September 2014 issue of Mental_Floss Magazine.     by Lucas Reilly How a chicken farmer turned self-made spy helped rescue the D-Day Invasion from … Continue reading

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My Father’s Apple Trees

(See video below) My dad (lower right hand corner) was a compact kid whose four big sisters called him “Wee Willy.” But he was a scrapper. Bigger and tougher inside than out. At 15, he forged his parent’s signature and … Continue reading

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Countdown to World War III?

Are the attacks on Paris a new milestone in the march toward an inevitable world war with Islamo-fascism? The parallels to Europe in the 1930s are striking. Devastated by the ravages of a morally gray “war to end all wars,” … Continue reading

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