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The “S” Word

My Real Memoir Sex. Along with acting and writing—and, if I’m honest, anything else that got me noticed—sex was beginning to claim a larger and larger chunk of terrain in my brain. At first it had been a distant island, … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Brother Cat

Image by Tony Hurst My Real Memoir Once our mighty warrior cat Mr. B had passed away, Ginchy became the unchallenged CIO (cat-in-charge). He was incontestably the cleverest feline who ever lived. Not that he was all brain and no … Continue reading

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Your Coming of Age Crisis

No one gets to opt out. For most of us, it happens somewhere in our mid-20s. But it can begin earlier, or later. Usually there’s an external trigger, possibly more than one: the death of a family member, a physical … Continue reading

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