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The Day the Magic Died

My Real Memoir One of my earliest movie memories is of The Wizard of Oz, which if you’re like me you’ve probably seen too many times to count. As a kid I’d prayed for a tornado, an admittedly rare event in … Continue reading

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The Year I Fell in Love With Music

Me, age 14, rockstar posing at the local music store My Real Memoir I’d had a crush on music from early on, especially after seeing my first musical hero Sam Cooke sing “You Send Me” live at our local bijou. … Continue reading

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The “S” Word

My Real Memoir Sex. Along with acting and writing—and, if I’m honest, anything else that got me noticed—sex was beginning to claim a larger and larger chunk of terrain in my brain. At first it had been a distant island, … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Brother Cat

Image by Tony Hurst My Real Memoir Once our mighty warrior cat Mr. B had passed away, Ginchy became the unchallenged CIO (cat-in-charge). He was incontestably the cleverest feline who ever lived. Not that he was all brain and no … Continue reading

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Your Coming of Age Crisis

No one gets to opt out. For most of us, it happens somewhere in our mid-20s. But it can begin earlier, or later. Usually there’s an external trigger, possibly more than one: the death of a family member, a physical … Continue reading

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