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Tips for Writers: Trust the Story

Experience is the most effective teacher (I learned more Spanish in three days in Barcelona than I did in two years of high school Spanish class). But one of the most interesting things about the human psyche is that we’re … Continue reading

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Greedy Love

Pirate’s Cove, Newport Beach, California I normally do a Thought for the Week on Mondays, so this anniversary post is a bit off-point. Then again, maybe somewhere within these words you’ll find a relevant thought-for-the-week of your own. My wife … Continue reading

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The Way That Led to Me

Photo by Katie of A Virginia Writer’s Diary Five years ago, Rhonda of Pollyanna’s Path (whose blog I still read and enjoy) nominated me for a blogger award. These days I leave such awards to newer bloggers, but I found … Continue reading

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5 Years Ago This Week

Five years ago, my newly-completed feature film Healing River (then titled Over-the-Rhine) had its world premiere at Cincinnati’s historic Memorial Hall. It was a heady moment, to say the least — the audience cried and cheered. Healing River went on … Continue reading

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My Next Big Box-Office Hit?

Horror thrillers and Movies for Women are among the most successful movie genres. Could this be my next big hit: A Filmmaker’s Journal 2020 was my biggest year ever as a filmmaker. Oddly enough, thanks to the-pandemic-that-shall-not-be-named, I had three … Continue reading

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Making Something Real

Five years ago this month, we dared to enter our not-yet-finished movie Healing River (then titled after its setting, Cincinnati’s gritty inner-city neighborhood Over-the-Rhine) in the world’s largest Christian film festival. It was my first feature film as a writer-director-producer, … Continue reading

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Use Me

“When you’re drowning and someone is reaching down from a rock and says, ‘Grab my hand!’ you do it! That’s when it’s all right to use someone, Alec, because that’s how they got there. That’s how I did. I mean, … Continue reading

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Mixed Blessings

The term “mixed blessings” is redundant. Why do I say that? Because all true blessings are mixed. God isn’t just in the blessing business, he’s in the growth business, and growth requires challenges, difficulty. Just as our muscles don’t grow … Continue reading

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My Recipe for Humble Pie

Image credit: behance.net Thought for the Week One of my most important life experiences was also one of the most educational. And by “educational” I mean painfully humbling. Healing River was my first feature film as a writer-director. I thought I … Continue reading

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Optimism Can be Learned

Source: allposters.co.uk Thought for the Week “You are not the center of the universe, Alec. Not everything happens because of you! Do you think God gets up every morning, and says, ‘Boy, I’d love to do some terrific stuff today, … Continue reading

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