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Spring Awakens

 Spring has awakened in my hemisphere. But just barely — the season is still seesawing between spring and winter (I call it Sprinter). But the daffodils are here to get the party started (the snowdrops came early, drank all the … Continue reading

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A Day in the Heart of Brazil

Originally posted on Monkey's Tale:
Colourfully painted heritage buildings surround the cobblestone square in the heart of Salvador’s historic centre. Whether you love to feast your eyes on old architecture, people watch in a lively square or have lunch…

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A Sunday Afternoon in Harlem

Originally posted on Sincerely Jan:
It had been a while since I’d last been to Harlem and let’s just say, at that time, the landscape was a whole lot different than it is today. Back in its heyday in the…

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The Canyon

Originally posted on Tim's Viewpoints & Visuals:
The first time I saw the Grand Canyon I was about 10 to 12 years old. My parents were making this “grand” road trip to see the major sites around the west.…

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Future Movie Settings

Three years ago in the thick of the pandemic, my co-producer wife Trudy and I started countering our cabin fever by scouting potential film locations. During these outings we capture images from our beautiful and historical southwest Ohio/northern Kentucky area. … Continue reading

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The Secret of Adulting

As a kid, I learned the 4 Stages of Life from The Wizard of Oz: 1) The Dorothy Stage – When you’re a child a collection of quirky, confused adults will do their best to show you the way; 2) … Continue reading

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Winged Water World

Originally posted on DRAGONFLY EFFECT:
My Featured Blogger this week is Sylwiaiwan Merchut of Dragonfly Effect. Apart from the fact that Sylwiawan is Polish, I only know one other thing about them: their photography is remarkable. But then, you can see that for yourself! DRAGONFLY … Continue reading

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Look Out Your Window

Our bedroom window faces east, so we capture some beautiful sunrises while sipping our morning coffee (I’ve included a few of those images below). But sometimes when I’m longing to travel, I think blithely back on the views I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Things I’ve Seen: Color and Light

Originally posted on Jane Lurie Photography:
“You don’t take pictures, they take you.” ~Jay Maisel  ? Sunrise and Eucalyptus ? Palm Geometry ? Last Dance ? Sousaphones, Rose Parade ? Great Blue Heron ? Plant Tango ? Dancers, Rose Parade…

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50 Signs of Winter

We Northern Hemisphereans are deep in the throes of winter! But thank goodness there are signs to guide us through. Or, in some cases, misguide us. Then again, laughter tends to have a warming effect — so read these and … Continue reading

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