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A Safe and Cozy Place

A year ago this month, our sense of safety plummeted. Until then, “Be safe” was reserved for anxious mothers sending off their children. But amidst a worldwide pandemic, it became the new “Have a good day,” the new “I care.” … Continue reading

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Real World Special Effects

The natural world is far more mysterious, frightening and beautiful than any big-budget effects movie will ever be. These un-altered images offer just a small smattering of proof.  Click on any image to enlarge it, read the caption, or begin … Continue reading

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Nature Walkabout With Coffee

Originally posted on garyfultz:
View from our front picture window. You can’s see the cold. I take a sip of coffee and look out the front window. I am at the bottom of the hot chocolate can and the coffee…

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Future Movie Settings

Film Exteriors I’m a filmmaker (writer, director, producer). But as you know, movies took a major hit when a certain pandemic decided to ransack our planet. Like everyone else, my co-producer wife and I were left looking for safe ways … Continue reading

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Future Movie Settings

Historical Sites and Modes of Transportation Last week I posted photos of buildings and structures taken during daytrips with my co-producer wife to possible future movie settings (our “what can we do?” response to the COVID lockdown). Here, I continue … Continue reading

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Thought for the Week During a recent Sunday drive, my wife and I stumbled across this wonderful old covered bridge above. It was an ordinary day (our original plans had fallen through) made special by warm conversation and a light … Continue reading

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Fall Into Winter

Guest Post by Stephen Geisel Stephen Geisel is a Toronto-based photographer, videographer, motion-designer whose stunning artwork is available in print and other forms at his blog site love-fi, and at several others. These images from the last two months alone … Continue reading

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Future Movie Settings

Interesting Structures Many of you know that I write, direct and produce movies. You may also know that, while some scenes are filmed on sound stages (especially effects-heavy shots), most are filmed on-location. Finally, I’m guessing most of you know … Continue reading

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Things You Didn’t Expect To See

Enjoy this gallery of the weird, the witty, the oddly cool and the (sometimes) unexpectedly beautiful. Why? Just because. Although, when it comes to things we hadn’t expected to see, nothing will ever top 2020. Except for maybe 2021. (Click … Continue reading

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Peru: Rhythm of the Amazon

Originally posted on Global Sojourns Photography:
Every morning the Amazon wakes me with a new symphony. One day the tempo of the rain, next day the pulsating sounds of howler monkeys, and today it’s the electric strain of sunrise matching…

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