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A Tale of Love in Japan

Last year in A Tale of Love I wrote about our daughter Beth and son-in-law Sergio’s wedding, at which I was honored to officiate. Rather than rush off to an affordable honeymoon, our fairytale couple saved their yen for a … Continue reading

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How to Greet People in Different Countries

Originally posted on SUITCASE Travel Blog:
Traveling is a fascinating way to discover cultures, traditions, folklore, and customs from around the world. ? Lots of incredible things we have learned during our trips and this valuable experience has become even…

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Have a Great Time, but Remember…

…not to panda to your worst impulses! “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And then try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.” ~Ron White “A lady came up to me and said … Continue reading

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Underwater Surprise… A Clone for a Date … A Son’s Love … and more Facts!

Originally posted on Nuggets of Gold:
1. What else may be hidden underwater? 2. Hmmm…how often do we miss the significance of what is right in front of us? 3 Who wants to go mining? 4. Soo guys, what do…

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Have You Read The Wishing Map?

I’m being a spotty blogger (“splogger”?) this week while I focus on upcoming projects, and so… While I normally post an episode of my full-length fantasy The Wishing Map on Saturdays, this time I’ll refer you back to the start … Continue reading

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Summer Me Now!

Some summers are hot. Some’re not. (See what I did there?) This year is looking more likely to be the former. But whatever it brings, the key is to embrace it! Here are some summer impressions to get you in … Continue reading

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A Tale of Love

Once upon a time there was bold young princess, and a dashing young prince. They met, and the rest is, well…the story of our daughter Beth and new son-in-law Sergio. This is a pretty Facebook-y photoblog, but many of you … Continue reading

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Strange Hallucinations … an Unlucky Actor … and a Chimpanzee Painter

Originally posted on Nuggets of Gold:
1. I think I would choose a different career! 2. Looks like it should be an amusement park for kids instead. 3. Hmmm…..! 4. I bet I could paint as well as an ape!…

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45 Fun Halloween Weekend Movies!

Whether you’re a Halloween fan or not, chances are–if you’re like me–you enjoy a good thriller, alien invasion tale, maybe a zombie or vampire flick here and there, and even the occasional iconic monster movie — if it’s clever, thoughtful … Continue reading

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Our Stay-Day-Vaycation

A Staycation Photoblog* *I caught a few typos after captioning the photos and uploading them (ahem, “Botatnical” garden?), and have no intention of going back and fixing them. It adds character, right? (Note: All photos except the first were taken … Continue reading

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