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the day after

Originally posted on unbolt me:
there are many things i just cannot comprehend why give them head space why enshrine them in my heart go ahead and call me fool i wish only peace serenity for the soul merely do…

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Who Am I?

Two more questions may answer the question: What would I die for? What do I live for?        “What am I living for? and What am I dying for? are the same question.”      ~Margaret Atwood “It … Continue reading

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The Gallery of Sin

My Featured Blogger this week is Vera Poh of To Dad with Love Poetry. Vera is a Melbourne, Australia-based writer whose thoughts and feelings never fail to intrigue me. There’s the immediate effect: thoughtful and insightful, sometimes witty, always visceral. … Continue reading

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Just Snap Out of It!

Originally posted on Valerie Cullers:
Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com Have you ever been in a situation with someone who was going through something temporary and you wanted to say to them, “Just Snap Out of It!”? I have and…

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Christmas Alphabet S : Silent Night – The Everly Brothers, Sinead O’ Connor & Low

Originally posted on The Immortal Jukebox:
Almost there. How to prepare? At this Season wisdom is found not in speech but in silence. Stand in Awe. Commune with your own heart. Be Still. Hope and wait. In Silence. Not in…

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