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50 Funny, Quirky and Very Human Status Updates

It hasn’t been a funny week. In fact, for some of my family it’s been a heartbreaking week. My first thought was to post something comforting. But then I remembered how much humor has consoled me during unbearable times. So, … Continue reading

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Humility Keeps Us Real

Photo by Kyle Johnson (unsplash.com) Thought for the Week I’m always surprised by the number of attractive, scantily-clad young women who want to be my friends on Facebook—clearly due to my sparkling personality and rugged good looks. Then I see … Continue reading

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Facebook Thriller

A True Story I logged onto Facebook, but couldn’t get past some weird new game Fb had introduced. Playing was not optional; I know because I tried to quit and couldn’t. Telling Faceook, “I don’t want to play” merely turned … Continue reading

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A Brief Conversation with My Daughter

“Sheesh! You’re online all day doing that ‘social networking’ thing! Why don’t you go outside and get some fresh air? Don’t you have any real friends?” “These are my real friends! Stop bugging me! You just don’t understand my generation!” … Continue reading

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Picking a Blog Name, Part Two After officially abandoning the blog title Don’t Read This, You’ll Only Encourage Him! I did what any creative guy would do: polled my Facebook friends for steal-able ideas, explaining that I needed a name … Continue reading

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