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Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Thanksgiving Tree (beautifully decorated and photographed by my wife Trudy). On Thanksgiving Day we’ll add strips of paper with our family’s 2022 “I’m thankful fors” artfully calligraphed onto them (also Trudy’s work). And, yes, soon thereafter the tree will … Continue reading

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Our Just-the-Right-Height New Christmas Tree!

Short people don’t usually come to mind when we think of disadvantaged folks. I mean, Lady Gaga, Prince, Ariana Grande, Beethoven, and Picasso seem to have done alright for themselves. Still, there’s a certain stigma to the label “short.” So, … Continue reading

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Yule Log

It’s the last weekend of November when we celebrate our yule log tradition: Wife: “You’ll log off that computer right now and help me with the Christmas decorations, if you know what’s good for you!” Me: “OK, honey.”

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