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Hurry Up and Stay, Fall!

Do you call it Fall, from the old Germanic word fallan? Which literally means to “fall,” as in the temperatures or the leaves, or both. Or do you call it Autumn? A prettier word from the Latin autumnus. Still, it’s … Continue reading

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Horror! Devastation! Pee!

I was 5 when I saw Dracula, my first horror movie. Alone. In a tiny room lit only by the glow of a black and white TV, behind which were sliding glass doors revealing the evil darkness beyond. I knew … Continue reading

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Super Who?

Hey, it’s all about the costume. So get a costume… …learn to fly… …and be Super You! Have a Super September, peeps!

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We adopted Cincinnati as our home in 2005. The Germans adopted it in the mid-1800s. In fact, by 1850 the number one spoken language in Cincinnati was German. And the number one beverage was beer. Not surprisingly, it’s now home … Continue reading

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