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Tips for Writing: Become a Brain Archaeologist

Photo by Dương Nhân Memoirs! I still write fiction, essays, and screenplays. But I take particular pleasure in composing the My Real Memoir posts I hope one day to publish in book form. These have been gratifyingly received by blogger … Continue reading

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A Personal Gallery of Holiday Images

Like most people, my wife and I snap pictures of holiday memories, fall getaways, Thanksgivings, winter daytrips and, of course, Christmas — Trudy magically Christmafies our home every year. Here’s a gallery of images (minus family-only photos) we’ve captured during … Continue reading

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Why Scary is Fun

When I was a kid, I loved being scared. Or rather, I loved having been scared. Why? Culinary experts say we love spicy-hot foods due to a secondary effect: when the active ingredient in chili peppers triggers pain, our brains … Continue reading

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The Day My World Got Bigger

My Real Memoir Learn how to sign your name! Seriously! Sometime near the end of 2nd grade, I signed my first work of art using an ancient form of chirography called “cursive.” It depicts a rather short Native American boy … Continue reading

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The Day I Ran Away

Photo source: Michal Bres My Real Memoir I’d threatened many times to join the circus or go live on a raft on the Mississippi like Tom and Huck. But that wasn’t the case this time. It was some now-forgotten atrocity—homework? … Continue reading

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Good-Bye, Sweet Boomer

Originally posted on Kit Troyer Blog:
I woke up around 4:30am today to the sight of an owl swooping into the branches above me and taking away a rat, which protested loudly as it departed from the branches and from…

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Frieda’s Magical Garden

“Orange Grove” painting by Tom Brown My Real Memoir At the ripe old age of three, I began spending my days in a magical place. As previously stated, Mom and Dad were both working, and I’d been dishonorably discharged from … Continue reading

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An Imaginary Life

My first home (as I remember it). My Real Memoir From the beginning, I was a daydreamer. Maybe because I spent so much time alone. I was clearly daydreaming in the womb, staring at some pretty placental pictures, when the … Continue reading

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An Ode to Hamburgers (sort of)

Full Stomach, Fuller Heart (an occasional series) This will be my last food memoir. Unless it isn’t. Even as I type, possibilities are appearing in the Magic 8-Ball window of my memory (Q. “Are there other foods I should write … Continue reading

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The Power of Story

Guest Blog by Dora A K Dora AK affably accepted my request to write a guest blog about this site’s key idea, “the power of story to speak truth into people’s lives.” Here, she addresses not only the power of … Continue reading

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