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Pizza Forever!

Full Stomach, Fuller Heart (an occasional series) It’s been called the world’s most perfect food. Why? Apparently, because it includes every taste and texture we crave, all in one dish: sweet, savory, chewy, crunchy. Oh yeah, and cheese, tons of … Continue reading

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Teach Your Parents Well

My Featured Blogger this week is Jane Tawel of the blog site Musings and Meditations. California-based Jane is a teacher, poet and novelist with a never-ending thirst for understanding regarding truth, philosophy, spirituality, families, human relationships. And it shows in … Continue reading

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Was I a Racist? Am I Still?

©The Shakespearean Tavern Playhouse Why doesn’t racism ever go away? Why, after yet another round of protests and reforms, does it still rear its noxious head? In a word: Us. As in humans. We can change “the system” again and … Continue reading

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On Earth as It Is in Heaven

We’re all a little bit racist. And sexist. And ageist. And dozens of other-things-ist. An ist is simply a bias or leaning, either away from or toward something. We lean toward what we know, and away from what we don’t. … Continue reading

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So, Yeah, Let’s Not Celebrate THAT Flag

Millions of good people died for this symbol: Most of them were black ⇔ ⇔ ⇔ “Some men are only fit to be slaves.”  ~Plato “This may be true, but I know of no men who are fit to be … Continue reading

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