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Awesome Comparisons

“And by comparison…” How often do we hear or use that phrase? Still, not all comparisons are equally impressive. “I’ve lost 1/2 a pound!” “Really? Keep it up, dude.” vs. “I’ve lost 30 pounds!” “Dude, it shows!!” Big vs small. … Continue reading

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Optimism Can be Learned

Source: allposters.co.uk Thought for the Week “You are not the center of the universe, Alec. Not everything happens because of you! Do you think God gets up every morning, and says, ‘Boy, I’d love to do some terrific stuff today, … Continue reading

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Don’t Pass it On

Photo by GAIMARD Thought for the Week “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” ~Romans 12:2 A high percentage of abusers were themselves abused as children–physically, verbally, sexually. Other people may … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Better All the Time

Photo by Isabella and Zsa Fischer (unsplash.com) Thought for the Week “I’ve got to admit it’s getting better, a little better all the time. (Echo: It can’t get no worse.)” ~Getting Better Although the lyrics to the classic Beatles’ song … Continue reading

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Own Your Errors

Thought for the Week “Admit your mistakes,” is hardly the motto of our current culture. If anything, it’s the opposite. Being exposed for having ever been anything other than what one claims to be can mark the end of a … Continue reading

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It took a while to break them in. But I finally did. And by now they were the most comfortable shoes I’d ever owned. So I wore them longer than any shoes I’d had before. I knew them, they knew … Continue reading

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Regrets: Do You Have a Few?

Originally posted on A Better Man:
Think back on the past week. What’s your biggest regret? Did you tell a joke that fell completely flat, or walk into the wrong bathroom by mistake? Now think back longer. We’re guessing that…

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