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Future Shock

Many years ago, I read a book entitled Future Shock. The title referred to the experience of culture shock within one’s own culture. Future shock hadn’t happened yet, its author argued, but it was coming. And now? Many people, perhaps … Continue reading

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Thought for the Week Creativity is scary, confusing, messy, fraught with mistakes…and what you were made for. “Anxiety is the handmaiden of creativity.” ~T. S. Eliot “Creativity takes courage.” ~Henri Matisse “Creativity–like human life itself–begins in darkness. Creativity is always … Continue reading

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My Phobia

My Real Memoir Last week I wrote about one of the darkest experiences of my life (it must have triggered some algorithm because WordPress cancelled all notifications). A train was involved. Then, a month later, a very different train encounter … Continue reading

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Full of Forgiveness

May your life be filled with forgiveness– both for others and for yourself (there is a connection) “Cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.” ~1 Peter 5:7

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Don’t Love Yourself!

Oh, all right, I admit my title is a ruse. But I really am tired of seeing motivational posts telling us to love ourselves. Why? Because we don’t need to learn to love ourselves. We need to learn to like … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Do Drugs

Oh, I did, trust me. Like a lot of 18-year-olds, I dabbled in anything forbidden or frowned upon by old people over 30. It was the era when drugs were going to “expand our consciousness.” I’d watched the cast of … Continue reading

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in regards to Foghat

Originally posted on words less spoken:
At 21, I didn’t know two things; how I got through 4 years of college and who played “Slow Ride.” But grunge was growing on me and I still had Miles and Monk, maybe…

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The Power of Story

Picking a Blog Name, Part Four (To read Part One, click here) I admitted in A Godlike Little Loaf of Bread that, while I can construe my name to mean almost anything, it really is simply my name. Hence, the … Continue reading

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Where You Live Matters

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My Age of Anxiety

Conclusion: Life Beyond the Tunnel (To read Part One, click here) It would be nice, though less epic, if my story of anxiety had ended at year seven. It didn’t. But something had changed. I’d moved from trying to control my … Continue reading

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