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Don’t Use Me

Note: this post includes frank talk about sexuality. Five years ago, in the fall of 2017, following revelations about movie mogul and sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, the #MeToo Movement exploded into public consciousness. Since then, many women (and a some … Continue reading

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Greedy Love

Pirate’s Cove, Newport Beach, California I normally do a Thought for the Week on Mondays, so this anniversary post is a bit off-point. Then again, maybe somewhere within these words you’ll find a relevant thought-for-the-week of your own. My wife … Continue reading

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Pre-loved People

Originally posted on malcolmsmusings.org:
I smile when advertisers use the term ‘pre-loved’ to avoid describing an item as ‘second-hand’. A pre-loved wedding dress must be better than a second-hand one; pre-loved toys sound more attractive than second-hand toys. I’ve…

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Headed for Home? Or Headed for Hell?

Source: Lavie Zine My Real Memoir By the time I turned 11, my brief flirt with faith (“Hello, is anyone there?” Cue crickets. “I guess not.”) was beginning to fade. I was a boy agnostic with a taste for shiny … Continue reading

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A Skewered Look at Life

Skip to conten My Featured Blogger this week is Rolli of Rollistuff. Rolli is a writer, cartoonist and songwriter, as well as the author of acclaimed books for adults and children, including Kabungo and The Sea-Wave. His fiction, poetry, essays, cartoons and … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Tender Rebellion:
with Lize Spit & Thomas Gunzig An octopus has three hearts:one for birth, one for life, one for death.The soft oval body envelopseverything it needs. One human heart attempts to thinkof yesterday, today, and tomorrow,but…

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Broken Relationships

Sign spotted in a taxi cab Thought for the Week Whatever your biggest priority is, whatever you’re most passionately or desperately trying to accomplish in life — if it’s not about relationships, it should be number two on your To … Continue reading

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Beyond Valentine’s Day

Soulmate (noun): Someone you’re “made for” and don’t have to work at loving. Someone you choose to continue loving every day. Love is a choice we keep on making.

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Things Take Time

Background photo by Sarah Shull Thought for the Week I have an impatience problem. No, scratch that, I don’t have an impatience problem, I’m actually quite good at it. My patience, on the other hand, could use some work. In … Continue reading

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Something Wonderfully Wrong

On a blustery January day 39 years ago, I met a girl who loved God and Shakespeare (in that order). She was smart. Creative. And as pretty as English china. Outwardly decorous, inwardly stubborn—Jane Austen meets the Rebel Alliance. I thought … Continue reading

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