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Jimmy Fallon, New Ebola Czar!

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
“Jimmy Fallon, the new Ebola Czar?”  Yes!  Jimmy Fallon! Ebola Czar! OK, no, not really. But as of yesterday, Jimmy Fallon and Ebola Czar were the top trending words in America. And as a new…

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Old Joke Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this. What do I do? Doctor: Don’t do that. New Version Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I get my medical bill. What do I do? Doctor: Don’t do…oh, never mind, there’s … Continue reading

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The Eagle Has Landed

In the winter of 1987 an eagle managed to fly all the way across the Atlantic from Ireland to America, where it arrived sick and exhausted. If this were to happen in 2017, President Trump would have it deported as a … Continue reading

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Some of my friends’ birthdays fall on or near Christmas day and so, sadly, they tend to be overlooked. Take my friend Jesus, for example.

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Discover Your Native American Name!

Fun and educational! No stereotypes were injured during the making of this blog.

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I’m taking a break from the deep stuff. Here’s a kitty-litter-deep tribute to man’s second best friend: “Just got my fur done. Do you think it’s too literal?” The cat’s in the bag. Literally. She works hard for the money. New NASA Research … Continue reading

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Dentist’s Office

Dentist’s waiting room at a popular medical center. Wait till you see the Proctologist’s Office.

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