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How I Launched My Career (at Age 12)

My Real Memoir It had looked, when I was in 5th grade, like I might be heading for an art career in Japan. But then I’d gotten tsumetai ashi (cold feet). Not only because I wasn’t sure I would like … Continue reading

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The Longest Day of the Year

My Real Memoir Sixty years ago, Hollywood released The Longest Day, a movie about the D-Day landings in the summer of 1944. For Dad it was a must because he’d been in World War II, sort of. I’d read the … Continue reading

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Bringing Grandpa Home

My Real Memoir Somewhere along the line Grandma and Grandpa McLaughlin had moved from Los Angeles to the foot of California’s San Gabriel Mountains. Dating back to the early 1900s, the town of Upland was full of half-timbered craftsman homes … Continue reading

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Headed for Home? Or Headed for Hell?

Source: Lavie Zine My Real Memoir By the time I turned 11, my brief flirt with faith (“Hello, is anyone there?” Cue crickets. “I guess not.”) was beginning to fade. I was a boy agnostic with a taste for shiny … Continue reading

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Monsters I Have Known and Loved

My Real Memoir The seed was planted when I was five years old. I’d enjoyed the poolside home of Mommandad’s old friends. They were childless and I was an only, so I played alone, shouting frequent, “Mom, Dad, look at … Continue reading

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Livin’ Large at Age Eleven

(Not my actual family) My Real Memoir It was New Year’s Eve. But I was only eleven, so it would be at least two more years before I was allowed to attend a Real Party. The moment we stepped into … Continue reading

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Summer Treats on Wheels!

My Real Memoir Along with camping and roller rinks, I associate summer with delivery trucks. Huh? Sure, delivery guys were there year-round; the proverbial off-color tease was to suggest a particular young and attractive mom’s kids looked “an awful lot … Continue reading

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Shakespeare on Roller Skates

My Real Memoir Sometime during my pre-teen years, I discovered a magical place that combined two of my favorite things: Wheels and Girls. I lived on wheels; if I wasn’t on my bike, I was on my skateboard. I liked … Continue reading

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Beware of Children Telling Jokes

My Real Memoir By age 11, my TV taste had become quite sophisticated. When I came home from school I’d watch refined fare like Leave It to Beaver, Mr. Ed, Bugs Bunny, and my favorite, the inimitable Rocky & Bullwinkle … Continue reading

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The Year I Began to Figure Out Who I Was

My Real Memoir The only thing I knew for sure when I started 6th Grade was that I was a dreamer. Most boys, it seemed, were drawn to physical things, games and sports. But not me. I let my head … Continue reading

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