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Seeds of Conflict

Photo by Benjamin Davies Thought for the Week You and I are like grass. When we are healthy and growing close together, the seeds of conflict have little room to take root. But when grass is sparse and unhealthy, weeds … Continue reading

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Are Computers Dehumanizing Us?

Thought for the Week Last week, my wife and I flew to the west coast. In recent years, flying has been transformed from a pleasure into an ordeal, with passengers packed into increasingly rigid, anorexically thin seats. So, yes, we … Continue reading

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Unlikely Heroes

Not all heroes wear uniforms. Some simply wear their hearts on their sleeves. They may do nothing more than smile when they see someone in need of a smile. But make no mistake — in those moments, they are heroes. … Continue reading

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Branching Out

Image courtesy of pexels.com My Featured Blogger this week is Kate Duff of A Thousand Bits of Paper. Australian writer and poet Kate covers a wide range of topics, both articulately and compellingly. But beneath all of her writing is … Continue reading

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Time for a Feel-Good Friday the 13th!

Most of us aren’t terribly superstitious, but some people are, and Friday the 13ths are particularly terrifying for them. As for the rest of us, well, while today may be the only Friday the 13th this year, the never-ending pandemic … Continue reading

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Condemned Alleys Fading Stars

Originally posted on Recollections At Fall:
On rare pensive moments when one contemplates on the vagaries of human existence Fleeting thoughts and images flash with persistence You stop the car at the traffic lights an emaciated maimed hand knocks at…

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Life Moves in Waves

When we think of waves, we think of the ocean. But everything moves in waves: sand, air, fire, light, even the earth beneath our feet. Life doesn’t move in a straight line, it moves in waves. Human existence, as well: … Continue reading

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Robots R Us

The idea of creating imitations of ourselves has always fascinated us humans. In Greek mythology, the sculptor Pygmalion brought his statue Galatea to life. The ancient Chinese scholar Daoxuan spoke of creating “metallic people” to weep when the Buddha Shakyamuni … Continue reading

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The Tales We’ll Tell

My Featured Blogger this week is Erik Shinker of Perpetually Past Due. Erik, who apart from his other qualifications simply oozes humility and compassion, has a degree in Literature and Creative Writing. He also minored in Film Studies, so we’re … Continue reading

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Love in the Time of Coronavirus

My wife and I are celebrating our 35th engagement anniversary tonight. Quietly and intimately, with a candle-lit dinner and a bottle of our favorite wine, at the most exclusive eatery in town: our house. You may have caught the reference … Continue reading

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