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The Ugly Time

I used to consider late autumn with its leafless trees and sullen skies the ugly time But then I grew up and came to understand its barren beauty how it saw the loss and longing in me and sent its moons … Continue reading

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Here’s the paradox in Jesus’ teaching: What I want I must give. But I don’t have it to give because I am incomplete. Remember? So what must I do? I must let him invade me, must let him live in … Continue reading

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The Good Mosquito

As summer draws to a conclusion (in my hemisphere, at least), here’s a (sort of) tribute to the season’s least appreciated occupant. I dreamed I was a fat mosquito and thought it not a sin to drain the blood of … Continue reading

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Dream Logic

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
I dreamed I’d flown to London. I was about to call my wife to tell her, “Honey, we’ve landed safely,” when the alarm went off. My first thought was, I’ll leave her a message, but…

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The Wishing Map Ends

Episodes of The Wishing Map have concluded.  It has been my joy to share this adventure with you!  (“Re-runs” will continue on Wishing Wednesdays). To read the final post of The Wishing Map, click here. To read The Wishing Map from the beginning, … Continue reading

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Haiku! You’re Welcome!

This is probably the only haiku poem I will ever write No, it’s not, I lied plus, I’m breaking a rule–I’m ending on a rhyme First line has five syl- lables, then seven more, and then five more. Boom. Done. … Continue reading

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