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The Unbending Beauty of Winter

Winter is the most honest of seasons. It can be beautiful and brutal in equal measures. If you accept it for what it is, it becomes your friend, your lover even. But if you insist that it playact, be anything … Continue reading

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Something Wonderfully Wrong

On a blustery January day 39 years ago, I met a girl who loved God and Shakespeare (in that order). She was smart. Creative. And as pretty as English china. Outwardly decorous, inwardly stubborn—Jane Austen meets the Rebel Alliance. I thought … Continue reading

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Return and Rest!

Originally posted on Unshakable Hope:
I know we are all wishing right now that this post was coming from Bill Sweeney, but instead, I (Lauren, his eldest daughter) will share a little post in his honor. Last year, we were…

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Goodbye, Brother Cat

Image by Tony Hurst My Real Memoir Once our mighty warrior cat Mr. B had passed away, Ginchy became the unchallenged CIO (cat-in-charge). He was incontestably the cleverest feline who ever lived. Not that he was all brain and no … Continue reading

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No Truer Words

Thank you, Dr. King, for speaking truth into our lives, both then and now. For those of different racial and ethnic backgrounds striving to live together, there are no truer words. All hands on deck! ∴

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God’s Factory Recall

Factory recalls from product makers are common, and should never be ignored. Avoiding them can produce adverse and sometimes devastating consequences. It seems we too have received multiple recall notices from our Maker (due, in this case, not to design … Continue reading

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Falling Through the Bedroom Floor

Photo by Henry & Co. The Wishing Map is a full-length fantasy that is being posted episodically at this site. To read the previous episode, click here. To read the entire novel, begin here. The last thing Zack saw as … Continue reading

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Thinky Stuff

I love smart-funny stuff, and so-dumb-it’s-clever stuff, and “oo, I didn’t see that coming” stuff, and… Come to think of it, I like most thinky stuff. So, here’s a gift for your brain (and heart). Have a thinky weekend! Click … Continue reading

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The True Tale of Toby the Turtle

My Real Memoir Shortly after the legendary Fat Cat incident, our neighbors matched it with an equally outrageous one involving their beloved Toby the Turtle. Odd pet? Hardly. Half the kids I knew had tiny pet turtles living in plastic lagoons … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday: Eyes!

Originally posted on Scuba Hank NYC:
Please click on any image to enlarge and scroll through gallery.

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