Stories with a Message.  A little wit.  A little wisdom.  That’s it.  Not always funny, but more often than not (I was born with an indelible smirk).

Re. Blogging Awards: I used to do these, and was truly grateful for nominations. But now I leave them to those who are still building a following, preferring to visit their award posts and cheer them on. “Yay!” (I know, overexplaining, right?)

Posting Schedule

  • Memoir Mondays – Stories from and about life.
  • Topical Tuesdays – Whatever’s on my mind or in my heart.
  • Win-Win Wednesdays – Featured Bloggers whose words shine light or laughter on this darkened but still beautiful world.
  • Throwback Thursdays – Still tweaking this one. It may change if I come up with a better alliteration.
  • Photoblog Fridays – Thematic collections of images, with accompanying thoughts and quotes.
  • Satirical Saturdays – Or not, if I’m in a serious mood.
  • Sundays – No rhyme, no alliteration. Short, heartfelt meditations on the infinite.
  • Pastors and Teachers – you’ll find sermon ideas, plus links to church dramas and videos, here.

About Me

I’m a storyteller (writer, filmmaker, public speaker) with the audacity to believe others might actually want to read or watch the things I come up with. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my wise and gorgeous wife Trudy. Together we’ve created our magnum opi: two clever, adorable daughters. I’m also president of a production company called Moriah Media.

Additional bio snippets can be found in posts under the Categories headings of Memoir and Fool’s Odyssey (a serialized autobiographical poem).

The Wishing Map –  You can read my serialized young adult fantasy novel from start to finish by clicking here.

Film project updates (“A Filmmaker’s Journal” entries) can be found here.

About the Content

I make no claim to being a source of wisdom, but am a frequent carrier, and an infector of others.  My passion, what gets me out of bed in the morning (besides my wife and hungry pets), is speaking truth into others’ lives.  Hence, you’ll find Bible quotes (I’m a Jesus follower), along with direct or indirect references to Pascal, Chesterton, Merton, C.S. Lewis, Evelyn Underhill, and many other scientists, mystics, and storytellers.

272 Responses to About

  1. Where are you? I’ve tried to email you a couple of times but they keep coming back. Apparently, I have old email addresses. Nancy

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  2. Hi Mitch,

    Thanks for the content on here! Good to read about what is on your heart. I have just started up a website with the purpose of collecting testimonies from different people about the wonderful things that God has done in our lives. I would really appreciate it if you might consider writing something or sending something over that you have already written. It could be regarding your own conversion story or something recently that He has done that you might want to testify to.

    God Bless


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  3. Ray V. says:

    I recently started following your blog and have commented a few times, which I’m not prone to do, but you left the door open, so I walked in. I love Cincinnati and lived there twice…Downtown (corner of a Race & W 9th) during graduate school in 1982-83 and then for 4 months In Mt Healthy in 2017 for a work project I thought would last a few years, but ended quickly. Scotti’s, down on Vine St is my favorite restaurant in the world and I can recite the Skyline menu by heart. Looking forward to more of your stories. Ray

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  4. Gail Perry says:

    Hi Mitch,
    Since I don’t know how to reach you any other way, I’ll do it here. I love your blog, as you may have noticed from my comments. Today, you got mentioned in my blog because I have learned something important from you about blogging. I write way too many words! In case you’ve forgotten, it’s nextchapter175.wordpress.com


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  5. Head Nacho says:

    We at The Compensator are a big fan of your website. This is a bit unusual, but we are just starting off and already have a lot of good content. We would love to be able to work with you in some way to help promote us. And in return, we can work something out or maybe do something down the line.
    Thank you for your time,
    Head Nacho

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  6. BT McNicholl says:

    Mitch — I now run La Mirada Theatre on behalf of the City. We have formed a wonderful Historians Group and I read your post. We’d love to speak with you about your recollections of the theatre when it was a movie house. Please reach out to us!

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  7. keikomushi says:

    Hey, Mitch! Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. Nice to make your acquaintance!

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