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They say, you know “they,” they say it’s a fact that Opposites nearly always attract. And yet Opposites also sometimes attack. So why don’t we simply give ‘em the sack? Because Opposites are relational crack, they cling to our teeth … Continue reading

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Batter My Heart

As a teenager, I stumbled upon the poet, John Donne, a contemporary of Shakespeare, and instantly identified with his passions, longings, and failings (“no man is an island…”). I still do. Yesterday, thanks to a smart, soulful teenager who blogs … Continue reading

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“Desire is a flame that can light a lantern or burn down a house.” ~The Wishing Map

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I’ll Buy a Kindle When They Create a “Book Smell” App

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
The first girl I ever made out with was a hot little blonde from Texas. Just to be sure I remembered her, when I wasn’t looking she poured her White Shoulders perfume all over my…

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The Wishing Map 50

Note: To read The Wishing Map from the beginning, click here. The Wishing Map Chapter Eleven: …and Found (Continued) Previously: Two immense black widows had begun to push their stingers into Gina’s eyes just as Prince Jenblevó entered the cave… … Continue reading

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