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Two New Studies Reveal: Time Travel is Real!

A heavily funded study at the Institute for Advanced Research in Really Important Stuff has shown that all humans (and most animals) travel forward at the rate of 1 (one) DaaT (Day at a Time)! More information will be released … Continue reading

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We Have All the Time in the World

My Real Memoir The year I turned ten, I saw MGM’s The Time Machine and immediately became obsessed with the idea of time travel. I held my breath in the end when inventor George returned to the future to make … Continue reading

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Daylight Ravings Time

Daylight Savings ends while we sleep tonight in most of North and Central America (and already has in other parts of the world). So don’t forget to set back your clocks. But be warned! If we keep doing this, who … Continue reading

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Worlds Without End

There are many reasons to love this verse. But one in particular excites me: Because the original Greek phrase “eon of the eons” means endless time, it’s usually translated “forever and ever.” But since eon also means “world,” the phrase … Continue reading

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