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Blueberry Muffins and the End of Everything

Originally posted on It is all Connected:
My three youngest daughters were all up early today. They were spread out in the living room. One reading, one drawing, and one on the iPad. “What muffins today?” they asked. We have…

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Family Is…

When I was a young man, I rented a room from a therapist whose family had rejected him. So he’d learned to create families. He’d match up patients with no “real” family: orphaned, disowned, unable to reconcile, young, old. Not … Continue reading

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RIP, Old Christmas Tree

Our old Christmas tree came in a box. It was made in China from plastic and steel by people who may or may not have known what Christmas was. It was shiny and new–with 600 pre-lit lights! But it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Taking the Bait

Like most of you, I am often besieged while browsing the web by those click-bait article titles that I know are misleading, yet I can’t help clicking. You know, you’re minding your own business, trying to figure out exactly what…

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A Tribute to My Father

Photo: Train from Sarajevo to Mostar (prg2sg.wordpress.com) It’s hard for me to believe he was born nearly 100 years ago this month. But it’s even harder for me to believe that I’ve outlived my father by 25 years; I could … Continue reading

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A Christmas Story Remix

Guest Blog by Tracy K. Ard Don’t be fooled by the adorable faces of Tracy’s three children (below). Life with them, according to Dad, is a mixture of A Christmas Story and Dave Barry’s worst (or best) nightmare. If you’ve … Continue reading

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How to Host a (Virtual) Watch-and-Laugh Halloween Party

It’s a pandemic Halloween. Probably not the best year for a live Halloween party. And trick-or-treating is pretty iffy, too. So what to do? Amazon to the rescue! They’ve put together everything you need for a Virtual Watch-and-Laugh Halloween Party … Continue reading

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Honestly? I’m a gringo. But I grew up near enough to take daytrips into México. And I always had enough friends with big Mexican families to get a taste of—and for—south-of-the-border culture. Which, to me, meant The Two Fs: Family … Continue reading

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Mental Health: Acceptance (Part I)

Originally posted on K E Garland:
Around 2005, I found my biological mother’s side of the family, and with that came a narrative about my family’s mental health. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services sent me a thick…

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Televolution: 30 Years of D’oh!

How television has evolved! This very week in 1989, civilization took a giant slouch forward with the arrival of the most wonderfully dysfunctional family ever. 30 years later The Simpsons is the longest running scripted primetime television series–and one of the most … Continue reading

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