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Mint and Grief

Originally posted on where waves grow sweet:
A couple years ago, I planted mint in my herb garden. Having heard of its invasive properties, I kept it in its plastic pot, wrapped thoroughly in mesh fabric to block the drainage…

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A Tale of Love

Once upon a time there was bold young princess, and a dashing young prince. They met, and the rest is, well…the story of our daughter Beth and new son-in-law Sergio. This is a pretty Facebook-y photoblog, but many of you … Continue reading

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Real Diversity

Thought for the Week “Modern writers have suggested,” G.K. Chesterton argues (and it’s hard to believe he wrote this almost 120 years ago), that because of its lack of diversity, “the family is a bad institution.” And yet ironically, he … Continue reading

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My Final Summer with Grandpa

My Real Memoir While raindrops hang from bare branches outside my office window, reflecting grey winter skies, I’m thinking about summer. And not just any summer, but my final summer with Grandpa Frank. Pencil-mustached Frank McLaughlin, former air ace and … Continue reading

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Don’t Love Your Family!

Thought for the Week My title is a ruse. But it makes a point: There’s a widespread belief that loving your family and friends is the greatest virtue to which you can aspire. This is either true or false depending … Continue reading

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A Personal Gallery of Holiday Images

Like most people, my wife and I snap pictures of holiday memories, fall getaways, Thanksgivings, winter daytrips and, of course, Christmas — Trudy magically Christmafies our home every year. Here’s a gallery of images (minus family-only photos) we’ve captured during … Continue reading

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What I Really Want for Christmas

My wife and I have reached that stage where we have to “share” our kids with their significant others’ families at Christmas. OK, OK, technically I suppose “their” families have just as much right to them as we do. But … Continue reading

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The Common Threads That Connect Us All

Originally posted on All The Shoes I Wear:
You never know what your going to get. Random, I know but….today, I’m a poetry rebel and challenge you to explore beyond the acceptable tends. There are a lot of poets out…

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Song of My Family

My wife and I recently travelled to the village of Westfield, New York, on the edge of Lake Erie, the heart of the America’s oldest wine-producing region. Here, I’d expected to learn more about my ancestors. Instead, after seeing the … Continue reading

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Good-Bye, Sweet Boomer

Originally posted on Kit Troyer Blog:
I woke up around 4:30am today to the sight of an owl swooping into the branches above me and taking away a rat, which protested loudly as it departed from the branches and from…

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