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We’re Havin’ a Heatwave!

 So, this is spring? A month before summer officially begins here we started experiencing near-record heat, with temperatures rivaling peak summer days and not a rain cloud in sight. The ground is fractured, the shrubs are slouching, and our little … Continue reading

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Dandelions Are Human Weeds

Inspired by my earlier post “Damnedelions“ It’s that time of year when even amid the hushes of snow dandelions appear. How like us they are arranging themselves about their clocks terrified of being uprooted. Created to live for a season … Continue reading

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(Time-lapse video below) Thought for the Week It’s that time of year (where I live) when mock daisies, a.k.a. dandelions, begin popping up all over our neighborhood. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no purist. I like my grass sprinkled with … Continue reading

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Look Closer

“Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow. They neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you even Solomon in all his glory was not adorned like one of these.” ~Matthew 6:28-29 “Or ask the animals and they will … Continue reading

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Spring Awakens

 Spring has awakened in my hemisphere. But just barely — the season is still seesawing between spring and winter (I call it Sprinter). But the daffodils are here to get the party started (the snowdrops came early, drank all the … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget!

It’s Daylight Savings Time! Don’t forget to set your brain forward!  P.S. I’m off doing a speaking date today. Recurring episodes of The Wishing Map will resume next Saturday. Meanwhile, if you haven’t yet jumped into this entrancing adventure, why … Continue reading

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Summer Treats on Wheels!

My Real Memoir Along with camping and roller rinks, I associate summer with delivery trucks. Huh? Sure, delivery guys were there year-round; the proverbial off-color tease was to suggest a particular young and attractive mom’s kids looked “an awful lot … Continue reading

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Happy Sprinter!

Uncertain spring, no longer winter. Transition’s the only permanent thing. So why should we wait to lift up our hearts? Let us huddle together and celebrate Sprinter! “Let us acknowledge the LORD; let us press on to acknowledge him. As … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Winter

Winter’s a curtain God draws while the scene Alters from ambers to fervent greens And yet, no mere drape, this skeletal cloth Itself is alive with a numinous frost So, come anew, winter, miraculous friend When your transforming veil is … Continue reading

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The Holiday-iest Week Ever?

Few weeks have as many holidays as this one! Take a look: March 13 – Daylight Savings Time began in North America and elsewhere, also known as CWPJNDT (Could We Please Just Not Do This?) Day. March 14 – Not … Continue reading

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