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Attack of the Giant Spider and Other Tales from My Childhood

My Real Memoir As wonderful as my babysitter’s magical garden was, it clearly wasn’t up to OSHA standards.* But then I grew up in an era when kids were expected to fall out of trees, stub their toes, fall off … Continue reading

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Frieda’s Magical Garden

“Orange Grove” painting by Tom Brown My Real Memoir At the ripe old age of three, I began spending my days in a magical place. As previously stated, Mom and Dad were both working, and I’d been dishonorably discharged from … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Comfort Food

Full Stomach, Fuller Heart (an occasional series) I really should write about “turkey with all the trimmings. After all, it’s the American Thanksgiving meal. And I do love it. But Thanksgiving means tons of preparation. And most of my food-associated … Continue reading

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Summer Camp Forever!

Summer Memories In my memory, the words summer and camp are inseparable. Our local YMCA had an extensive program for teenies through teenagers, and I was hooked! Little Kids Camp was held in a pine-filled grove right there in suburban … Continue reading

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My Scar Stories

“If Adventure has a Name…” Impulsive actions make great movie scenes. But in real life they can get you killed. Or worse: in trouble with Mom and Dad. I mentioned previously that I was clumsy. I’ve come to the conclusion … Continue reading

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My Age of Anxiety

Part One: Step on a Crack (True story. Wish it wasn’t. Then again…) There were signs early on, but I was too young to know what they meant. When I was in primary school I heard the phrase, “Step on … Continue reading

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Parenting Illustrated

Raising a Toddler: Raising a Teenager: Parent’s School Experience: Child’s School Experience: Parent’s Goals for Teenager: Teenager’s Goals: Off to College! After College: Any Questions?

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Speaking the Truth

God is love. Hence, if we do not speak out of love, we do not speak for God. Period. ∴ Not exactly a holiday message. But then again, maybe it is. May you be blessed by knowing, giving and receiving true … Continue reading

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Mom, I Always Knew You Loved Me

See video below. Mom was 20 when I was born—twenty times as old as me. But when I turned 10, I suddenly realized that she was now only three times as old as me. And when I reached 20 she would … Continue reading

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The Wishing Map 3

Note: To read The Wishing Map from the beginning, click here. The Wishing Map Chapter One: The Double Moon (continued) Previously: Mike’s bike shop attempted to snatch a carpet out of the hands of a passing red-headed woman. Zack Dore missed it, … Continue reading

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