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Reach Out

Thought for the Week “Reach out” is the contemporary term for making contact. People don’t simply “get in touch with” others anymore, they “reach out” to them. There’s something sweet and maybe a little desperate about that phrase in this … Continue reading

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Seeds of Conflict

Photo by Benjamin Davies Thought for the Week You and I are like grass. When we are healthy and growing close together, the seeds of conflict have little room to take root. But when grass is sparse and unhealthy, weeds … Continue reading

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When to Take a Stand

“Who will rise up for Me against the wicked? Who will stand with Me against evildoers?” ~Psalm 94:16 Thought for the Week Nazi Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel’s words burn a hole in my conscience every time I read them. We … Continue reading

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The New Death Penalty

The death penalty is dying. Even in many American states where it’s still legal, it’s no longer actually practiced. Why? One key reason is that too many innocent people have been wrongly executed. It’s interesting, therefore, that character assassination is … Continue reading

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