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Buildings: Beautiful and Bizarre

I love architecture. Houses, office buildings, churches, museums–the beautiful and the bizarre. Just don’t bother me with the boring! What’s that? Haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet? How about a nice new home or headquarters for your booming business? Here … Continue reading

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Think History is Boring? Think Again!

History is Our-story. If it seems boring or irrelevant, it’s only because we’ve forgotten that. Here are some fascinating (and a few snarky) facts you might not know. Wishing you one of “History’s Greatest Weeks!” Click on any image to … Continue reading

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Hey, I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know…

Here are 50 facts, from fascinating to facetious, that you probably didn’t know. These may not alter your view of reality forever, but they will give you something to spout during those lulls in conversation. Just begin by saying, “Hey, … Continue reading

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Faces, Faces Everywhere!

Is anything more human than to see shapes, especially faces, in nature, in everyday objects, in shadows? They fascinate us, amuse us, and occasionally scare us. Why? Because, well, we’re human. Click on any image to enlarge it, to read … Continue reading

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Addicted to Animals

“Hello, my name is Mitch Teemley and I’m addicted to animals.” It’s true, if I had a spare life I’d spend it working with and caring for critters. There’s so much more to them than we realize. The “did-you-knows?” are … Continue reading

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