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My Wife and I Are Poster Kids!

I couldn’t mention this until today, because it’s kinda hush-hush. Also, because we were out of town, and wife Trudy refused to let me tip off burglars that our house was unoccupied (except for a six lb. attack kitty) and … Continue reading

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Brit Wit!

I usually refer to myself as a filmmaker, but sometimes I act on screen, as well.  Here’s a fun little bit I did a few years back for a video advertising company called Epipheo (I play the stuffy British fellow).

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Hardness of Heart

Do you suffer from Hardness of Heart? Millions do. In fact, HOH is the world’s number one preventable cause of spiritual death. Progressive symptoms include but are not limited to: dull ears and dim eyes (Isaiah 6:10), darkened understanding (Ephesians … Continue reading

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My Super Bowl Ad!

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
(Note: You can skip to the video below, if you want to, but I’m guessing you’ll enjoy it even more if you read this first) Super Bowl has been the most watched event on American…

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Best Advert Ever?

Seriously. This looks a bit grim, but hang in there till the end.

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