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Finding a Publisher

Oh, the humanity: Am I the only writer who fears he’s lost the magic every time he sits down at a keyboard?  Ah, but then what made me think I had any magic to begin with? Writers wear two colognes, … Continue reading

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The Cure for Writer’s Block!

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Writer’s Block  There are two primary definitions for the word block: An obstacle to be avoided An object used (as in construction) The cure for Writers Block (and its evil twin, Trouble Getting Started) is…

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The Best Way…

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Haiku! You’re Welcome!

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This is probably the only haiku poem I will ever write No, it’s not, I lied plus, I’m breaking a rule–I’m ending on a rhyme First line has five syl- lables, then seven more, and…

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One Heckuva Lovely Blog

I’ve been honored by my friend Roo at What’s Next with a One Lovely Blog Award! Roo rocks, so check out her lovely blog site today! Here’s what I have to do… To accept: 1. Thank the person who nominated me … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
Picking a Blog Name, Part Two After officially abandoning the blog title Don’t Read This, You’ll Only Encourage Him, I did what any creative guy would do: polled my Facebook friends for steal-able ideas, explaining…

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Call Me Mr. Sunshine

I’ve been called a Polyanna more than once. But then I’m also incurably snarky. So, let’s just split the diff and call me “Snarkyanna.” Nevertheless, I’ve been nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award by Kat Frost, the decidedly un-frosty and, … Continue reading

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