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Be a Falsetto!

No, I’m not referring to the old HBO crime drama. I’m referring to the vocal technique epitomized by Mickey Mouse (originally voiced by Walt Disney himself), produced by using the soft outer edges of the vocal chords. It’s a natural, … Continue reading

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Courage Doesn’t Always Roar

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
I’m busy working on my next feature film script, and have limited time for blogging today. But then, this isn’t just a re-post of an old fave, it’s a self-encourager. If you write, you know what I mean. It takes … Continue reading

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My Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award by Copious Morsels of Everything, whose title alone makes their blog site worth the visit, not to mention that they regularly quotes C. S. Lewis. What’s not to love? The Versatile Blogger … Continue reading

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Finding a Publisher

Oh, the humanity: Am I the only writer who fears he’s lost the magic every time he sits down at a keyboard?  Ah, but then what made me think I had any magic to begin with? Writers wear two colognes, … Continue reading

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The Best Way…

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One Heckuva Lovely Blog

I’ve been honored by my friend Roo at What’s Next with a One Lovely Blog Award! Roo rocks, so check out her lovely blog site today! Here’s what I have to do… To accept: 1. Thank the person who nominated me … Continue reading

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Call Me Mr. Sunshine

So, I’ve been nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award by Kat Frost, the delightfully un-frosty blogger at More Than I’ve Been. My challenge: to answer a set of Questions and choose other worthy Nominees. Here goes: My Questions What is your dream … Continue reading

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The Cure for Writer’s Block!

Writer’s Block  There are two primary definitions for the word block: An obstacle to be avoided An object to be used (as in construction) The cure for Writers Block (and its evil twin, Trouble Getting Started) is to abandon definition … Continue reading

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The Allergic to “E” Challenge

I received this writing challenge/nomination from my blogger friend Charles French (https://charlesfrenchonwordsreadingandwriting.wordpress.com). Here are the rules (my comments in italics): Write a whole paragraph without any words containing the letter “e”  (Easy-shmeezy! Oh, wait…) By reading this, you have already … Continue reading

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New Blogger Blues

Dear blogger friends: I don’t usually play my I’M SO SAD violin in public; heck, I’m a borderline Pollyanna (one friend says I live “a charmed life.” SO not true!). But I AM SO SAD over the lack of visits to … Continue reading

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