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The Olympics! COVID and controversies aside, my wife and I will be glued to our television screen for the Opening Ceremony tonight and for various events over the coming days. But humans aren’t the only great athletes. In fact, most … Continue reading

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Attack of the Lusty Cicadas!

“They’re hereeeee!” The ominous-sounding Brood X has arrived in our neighborhood! But first, a flashback: When I was 15, I took a cross-country trip. We stopped to make sandwiches at a park in Amarillo, Texas. Two things: first, that was … Continue reading

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Pets with Attitude

Animals? Yes, because, well, animals. After several days of profundity (at least I thought so), I figured it was time for a Silliness Break (I had fun coming up with the captions). Hope you enjoy these funny, unexpected pet moments (and … Continue reading

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Bad, Easter Bunny, Bad!

“Nom, nom, nom…wait, what the…?” Apparently, not all Easter bunnies deliver goodies. ∴ Note: The next My Real Memoir episode will be posted tomorrow.

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Unpredictable Animals

I love animals. Because they’re cute? Sometimes they are, and sometimes they aren’t. No, it’s because there’s something unique about each of them. Not just each species, but each animal. Their personalities are as varied as those of humans. Just … Continue reading

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Just Like Us…

Animals seek companionship, once their needs for food, shelter and safety are met. Just like us. Yes, we’re unique—St. Thomas Aquinas called us animal-angel hybrids (although clearly fallen)–but not in our need for companionship. During times of isolation (like, say, … Continue reading

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Adorable Junk

“One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.” Especially if the other person is a sculptor. It’s astonishing how many junk-scrap-found object-spare parts sculptors there are in the world. But they all have one thing in common: they see robots, flying … Continue reading

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Addicted to Animals

“Hello, my name is Mitch Teemley and I’m addicted to animals.” It’s true, if I had a spare life I’d spend it working with and caring for critters. There’s so much more to them than we realize. The “did-you-knows?” are … Continue reading

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O 2 B a Child

There’s a sentimental notion that children are better storytellers than adults. They aren’t. They’re better believers. Adults tell stories, but children live them. Because they understand what we’ve forgotten: that the things we imagine are just as real as the … Continue reading

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When I was a kid, I found the world’s biggest, hairiest spider in the gutter in front of my house! I should have left her alone, but I didn’t. I poked her with a stick, and then watched in horror … Continue reading

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