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How Blessed…

“How blessed are those who ignore the advice of the corrupt, who resist the companionship of the wicked, who refuse to become jaded toward others; who delight instead in the teachings of the LORD and in meditating upon His truths … Continue reading

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Celebrating Our Autumns

Originally posted on Russellings of the Spirit:
Here where I live in northern Colorado USA, the seasons are beginning to change. Summer is graciously bowing to receive her well-earned accolades while fall stands just off-stage awaiting her cue. Warm-ups and…

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Our Greatest Enemy

Thought for the Week Being your true self is a major contemporary cultural objective. But it’s almost always couched in terms of overcoming some kind of external pressure. True, outward adversaries are real. Yet the greatest challenge to knowing our … Continue reading

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The Way You See…

Thought for the Week “The way you see the world is how you live it.” ~J.R. Rim “See first, think later, then test. But always see first. Otherwise, you will only see what you were expecting.” ~Douglas Adams “When we … Continue reading

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Pre-loved People

Originally posted on malcolmsmusings.org:
I smile when advertisers use the term ‘pre-loved’ to avoid describing an item as ‘second-hand’. A pre-loved wedding dress must be better than a second-hand one; pre-loved toys sound more attractive than second-hand toys. I’ve…

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On This Date…

192 years ago, the first railroad accident occurred in Quincy, Massachusetts, proving the then-state-of-the-art technology was not quite “accident-proof.” 175 years ago, the last of the Mormon pioneers led by Brigham Young arrived in Utah. The door-to-door visits came later. … Continue reading

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Seeds of Conflict

Photo by Benjamin Davies Thought for the Week You and I are like grass. When we are healthy and growing close together, the seeds of conflict have little room to take root. But when grass is sparse and unhealthy, weeds … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Living

I’m up to my proverbial eyeballs in projects once again – the chiefest of which is my daughter’s wedding (which I’m officiating, btw)! Hence, I’ll be on hiatus for a week or so. Therefore, this is the perfect time for you … Continue reading

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

Photo by Aleviva-Medien Thought for the Week Be quick to protest when you see others treated wrongly–and slow to protest on your own behalf. Rather, learn to use what happens to change your circumstances. Here’s a brief account of one … Continue reading

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Call Me Dr. Awkward

Photo by Charles Deluvio Thought for the Week I normally write something meaningful on Mondays, some bit of wisdom to help you get through the week. Not today. Today you can call me “Dr. Awkward” because today all my thoughts … Continue reading

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