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What Should We Do With All These Masks?

For over a year, we’ve kept a pile of face masks on our kitchen counter, ready to grab one on the way out the door. Just as Narnia is a world where “it’s always winter, but never Christmas,” ours is … Continue reading

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Best Movies of 2020

2020 was truly a game-changer. Among other public venues, movie theaters became almost invisible. Result? 2020 Academy Award nominees (which requires a theatrical release) are dominated by low-budget indies. Second, movie studios have permanently shifted their emphasis to a split … Continue reading

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My 10 Biggest Hits of 2020

I’d normally post a list of best movies. But like everyone else during the Twilight Zone (or is that Toilet Zone?) year of 2020, I saw fewer movies and am still catching up. So I looked at my own “bests” … Continue reading

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Things You Didn’t Expect To See

Enjoy this gallery of the weird, the witty, the oddly cool and the (sometimes) unexpectedly beautiful. Why? Just because. Although, when it comes to things we hadn’t expected to see, nothing will ever top 2020. Except for maybe 2021. (Click … Continue reading

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2021: So Far…

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Einstein’s Advice for 2021

Albert Einstein needs no introduction. Not only is he the veritable icon for the word “genius,” he’s also one of the most quoted (and misquoted) people on earth. So I was only half-surprised, when reviewing his quotes, how applicable they … Continue reading

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Happy New Weird!

2020: The year we laughed until we cried. No, wait, make that cried until we laughed. Because, whatever else 2020 may have taught us, it taught us how to laugh in the face of absurdity–together, or, well, six feet apart, … Continue reading

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Who Will You Be in 2021?

‘Future’ by Ahmed Carter (unsplash.com) Thought for the Week You who are on the road Must have a code that you can live by And so become yourself Because the past is just a goodbye ~“Teach Your Children” (Graham Nash) … Continue reading

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Keep Growing

Thought for the Week “The media only writes about the sinners and the scandals. But that’s normal, because a tree that falls makes more noise than a forest that grows.” ~Pope Francis Healthy trees never stop growing. ∴

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Science Fiction Nativity?

Guest Blog by InsanityBytes Gabrielle of InsanityBytes can be sweet (see her post “God Is Greater Than Our Heart“) or scathing. I don’t always agree with her, but I always appreciate her intelligence and wit. This post alerted me to … Continue reading

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