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Gun Control vs. Self-Control

Two days ago, an 18-year-old murdered nineteen children and three adults in Texas – just ten days after another 18-year-old shot thirteen people, ten fatally, in Buffalo, NY. The New York shooter was a known racist, while the Texas shooter … Continue reading

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I Am Right Behind You

My Featured Blogger this Week is Annabel of The Modern Etiquette. Annabel is a poet, writer and professional dancer, as demonstrated in her beautiful classical Indian-inspired piece above. There’s a delicacy and tenderness streaked with enduring strength in everything Annabel … Continue reading

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Monsters I Have Known and Loved

My Real Memoir The seed was planted when I was five years old. I’d enjoyed the poolside home of Mommandad’s old friends. They were childless and I was an only, so I played alone, shouting frequent, “Mom, Dad, look at … Continue reading

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Things Change

Thought for the Week Boomers (bought stamps for 5¢) “Well, my baby, she wrote me a letter.” Gen-X (bought stamps for 18¢) “You must lick ’em, lick ’em good!” Millennials (bought stamps for 34¢) “You used to lick stamps? Why?” Gen-Z … Continue reading

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An Unknown Future

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” ~Corrie ten Boom ~AΩ~

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Zack’s Back!

Image by Henry & Co. The Wishing Map is a full-length fantasy that is being posted episodically at this site. To read the previous episode, click here. To read the entire novel, begin here. The moment Zack wished himself home his downward plunge … Continue reading

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Abandoned cars, ships, factories, houses. Some seem lonely, orphaned. Others deserve their fate. They cry, “I was beautiful and important once!” And we reply, “No, you never were.” Many are beautiful only now that they’ve been reclaimed by a splendor … Continue reading

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My Next Big Box-Office Hit?

Horror thrillers and Movies for Women are among the most successful movie genres. Could this be my next big hit: A Filmmaker’s Journal 2020 was my biggest year ever as a filmmaker. Oddly enough, thanks to the-pandemic-that-shall-not-be-named, I had three … Continue reading

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A Skewered Look at Life

Skip to conten My Featured Blogger this week is Rolli of Rollistuff. Rolli is a writer, cartoonist and songwriter, as well as the author of acclaimed books for adults and children, including Kabungo and The Sea-Wave. His fiction, poetry, essays, cartoons and … Continue reading

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Livin’ Large at Age Eleven

(Not my actual family) My Real Memoir It was New Year’s Eve. But I was only eleven, so it would be at least two more years before I was allowed to attend a Real Party. The moment we stepped into … Continue reading

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