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A Real-Life Murder Mystery – with a Twist

Originally posted on CommonSenseTom:
` One spring morning, many decades ago, my Mom had handed me an edition of our local newspaper neatly folded to “frame” an obituary. She’d been wondering if the deceased had been a college buddy of…

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St. Valentine’s Day: In Memoriam

89 years after the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: 17 innocent people (unlike the 7 warring mobsters in Chicago) were murdered. They were mown down with a deadly weapon wielded by an emotionally disturbed young man. What can I say … Continue reading

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Are All Sins the Same?

Are all sins the same? God seems to thinks so. (Romans 3:10, 23) But how can this be? Say two men are given responsibility for the oversized buckets designed to carry water to their village. One fills his bucket with straw … Continue reading

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Double Tragedy

When someone harms others publicly, we see two parties: perpetrators and prey. We loathe the monsters and mourn the victims. And yet, to God all crimes are family tragedies. For all, victims and monsters, are his children. His heart is broken twice.

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