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Why I Believe: C.S. Lewis and Me – Part One

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
The truth that compelled me to journey from atheism to faith also had a profound impact on my spiritual mentor C.S. Lewis.  Here, in three parts, is my story. Few have brought so much baggage…

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Love. Before It’s Too Late

My dad, Bill Teemley, was ambitious, hard-working, and deeply conservative. And I was a wildly liberal 23 year old who’d recently completed a “useless” Theatre Arts degree and moved back in with the folks.  Somewhere along the line a Game … Continue reading

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Summer’s Here!

When I was a teenager, my dad used to chant, “Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, wonder where all the little flowers is.”  So I said I’d come up with something for summer.  Here it is.  Not terribly original, … Continue reading

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My Declaration

(See below for video) As a kid, I loved to watch things burn. No, I wasn’t a pyromaniac. Just a boy. (Is there a difference?) I’d douse my old model planes in lighter fluid and stage air disasters. I’d cheer … Continue reading

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Freestyle Writing Challenge

So my friend Author Erika Kind nominated me for the Freestyle Writing Challenge!  Woo-hoo!  Yay! What?  Thank you, Erika, for honoring me and/or cooking my goose (possibly both).  Erika is a  glass-is-half-full sort of girl who generates more positive energy than … Continue reading

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Welcome to Church: No Luggage Required!

See video below. I first set foot inside a church (on purpose) on Easter Sunday 40 years ago. I was full of uncertainty. About what I believed. About whether I really wanted to be there. And about how to behave:* Would I … Continue reading

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A stitch in time…should clear that black hole right up. ~Old 23rd Century Saying

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