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Why I Believe: C.S. Lewis and Me – Part One

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
The truth that compelled me to journey from atheism to faith also had a profound impact on my spiritual mentor C.S. Lewis.  Here, in three parts, is my story. Few have brought so much baggage…

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Love. Before It’s Too Late

My dad, Bill Teemley, was ambitious, hard-working, and deeply conservative. And I was a wildly liberal 23 year old who’d recently completed a “useless” Theatre Arts degree and moved back in with the folks.  Somewhere along the line a Game … Continue reading

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Summer’s Here!

When I was a teenager, my dad used to chant, “Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, wonder where all the little flowers is.”  So I said I’d come up with something for summer.  Here it is.  Not terribly original, … Continue reading

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My Declaration

(See below for video) As a kid, I loved to watch things burn. No, I wasn’t a pyromaniac. Just a boy. (Is there a difference?) I’d douse my old model planes in lighter fluid and stage air disasters. I’d cheer … Continue reading

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Freestyle Writing Challenge

So my friend Author Erika Kind nominated me for the Freestyle Writing Challenge!  Woo-hoo!  Yay! What?  Thank you, Erika, for honoring me and/or cooking my goose (possibly both).  Erika is a  glass-is-half-full sort of girl who generates more positive energy than … Continue reading

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How to Add Humor (for Writers, Teachers, Speakers) – Part Two

After How to Add Humor, Part One you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, yeah, humor helps us cope, humor is rooted in truth…very nice, Professor T, but show me the funny!”  Last time we focused on the what.  Now we’ll talk about … Continue reading

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My First Feature Film

Under the Gipper.  I was doing an internship on one of the top floors of the building they blew up in Diehard (only Ronald Reagan’s office was above us).  Anxious to find a movie project, but with no money, I … Continue reading

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