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Hilarious Hybrid Dog Name

Hybrid dogs are all the rage. Plus hybrids save on gas (many dogs run on pure methane). Here are some of my favorite combinations (yes, these are actual breed names): Bagle – Beagle + Basset Hound (great with cream cheese) … Continue reading

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From Crappy to Happy

It’s funny how Thanksgiving, America’s official day of gratitude, is followed by Black Friday, our unofficial day of grumbling. Of course, you can always avoid shopping and sit at home complaining about the “&%@#*ing commercialization of the holidays!” But that … Continue reading

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My Thanksgiving Prayer

My Thanksgiving prayer is for perfect peace, for atheists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, for all to sit down at the glorious feast, attained by the most incomparable news of a King who called us sisters and brothers, forgiving our foolish, desperate … Continue reading

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Honest Flower|گل راستی

Originally posted on A Voice from Iran:
First published: Sep.08.2017 The greatest moments of my childhood were all the beautiful fairy tales that my mother told us as we fell asleep. All the stories that I share in my blog…

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Pastor Rogers?

Did you know that Mr. Rogers was an ordained pastor? Yep, that Mr. Rogers. What would it have been like to attend a church service where “Pastor Rogers” preached? My old comedy act Mitch & Allen (I was Mitch), started … Continue reading

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A Filmmaker’s Journal

My First Feature Film Under the Gipper. I was doing a producing internship in the glass skyscraper they blew up in Diehard (former president Ronald Reagan’s office was above us). Anxious to find a project, but lacking the money to … Continue reading

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In Him is Life

May your life reflect that light. Always.

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