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Think History is Boring? Think Again!

History is Our-story. If it seems boring or irrelevant, it’s only because we’ve forgotten that. Here are some fascinating (and a few snarky) facts you might not know. Wishing you one of “History’s Greatest Weeks!” Click on any image to … Continue reading

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47 Years Ago Today

By the time the war ended, 58,220 American soldiers had died in Vietnam. And, in a strange irony, 50,000 of the people they’d gone to save had been evacuated to the United States. It was the largest airlift in U.S. … Continue reading

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On This Date…

192 years ago, the first railroad accident occurred in Quincy, Massachusetts, proving the then-state-of-the-art technology was not quite “accident-proof.” 175 years ago, the last of the Mormon pioneers led by Brigham Young arrived in Utah. The door-to-door visits came later. … Continue reading

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Strange but True

Thought for the Week In response to the assertion that occurrences in the natural world are random, Albert Einstein replied, “That nonsense is not merely nonsense, it is objectionable nonsense.” Are random events actually the result of some complex intentionality; … Continue reading

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Prayers, Pancakes and Paintings

Originally posted on Bonjour From Brittany:
Candlemas, or la Chandeleur in French, is celebrated on the second day of February, forty days after Christmas. Announcing the end of winter, the festival was, for centuries, closely associated with traditions related to…

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Our Autumn Getaway

Sometimes you need to visit the past to face the present. My wife and I love doing location-scouting daytrips for future films. They give us an opportunity to be together while exploring our adopted region. For the last several years … Continue reading

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Heroes and Hypocrites

Juneteenth, June 19, 1865. President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation finally became a reality when the last slaves were set free in Texas. It’s not surprising that the annual celebration of “Juneteenth” began there, or that it eventually bloomed into a national … Continue reading

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76 Years Ago Today

D-Day: It was the largest and riskiest invasion in human history. Courage worth commemorating, yes. But beyond that, if June 6, 1944, still has something to teach us–and I believe it does–it may be this: 1) That evil exists 2) … Continue reading

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The Most Cringe-Inducing Ads Ever?

We live in the Age of Offendability, when the floors of public places seem to be carpeted with eggs. Yet we can all agree (or at least most of us can) that some things are always wrong: racism, sexism, drug … Continue reading

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Did you know that Halloween has served as the occasion for many historical events? 1517. On October 31 a soon-to-be-ex-priest named Martin Luther launched (cue “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”) the Protestant Reformation. In 1636, just in time for All Hallows Eve, … Continue reading

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