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My First Girlfriend

Photo by Gerrie Vernon My Real Memoir While still in 2nd grade, inspired by the Little Rascals, my buddy Jeff and I formed a “He Man Woman Haters Club (No Girlz Allowed!).” We met a couple of times in a … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two BFFs

Rory-the-Dauntless (left), Jeff a.k.a. “Sunshine” (right), and me (bottom) My Real Memoir The Jeff-Effect kicked in shortly after I started 2nd Grade. At first, I didn’t know anyone at La Pluma School and barely said a word. But Jeff, nicknamed … Continue reading

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Alone Again, Naturally

Photo by Rachael Crowe My Real Memoir For a while, as a kid, it seemed I was destined to be a loner. True, I had a goofy sense of humor and a wild imagination, but I mostly used them to … Continue reading

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I Turned Out Like You After All, Dad

Suggestion: Read post below before watching video! My Real Memoir Even when he wasn’t there, Dad was there. He was an invisible presence, like gravity, that kept us from flying off into space. Mom celebrated me just as I was. … Continue reading

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When Your World Changes

 My Real Memoir “We’ve sold our home!” Mommandad announced after sitting me down and numbing me with a hamburger and a chocolate shake. We’d walked—for the last time—to our favorite cozy little bistro just blocks away called, let me think… … Continue reading

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My Super-Secret Operation!

Photo courtesy of Leicester Mercury My Real Memoir I asked my wife whether I should publicly share this hidden nugget from my childhood. Being pseudo-famous, I find it wise to ask my very private wife (she does sometimes go out … Continue reading

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The Day I Fell In Love with Music

My Real Memoir I’d always loved music. I just didn’t know it. It was my Uncle Walt (Disney) who’d introduced me to it. I danced along with the Mouseketeers and wore my coonskin cap when I sang the theme from the … Continue reading

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The Sky Goes All the Way Down!

Source: Raised to Action My Real Memoir I’ve always been a little, you know, different. School had resumed and it was Art Time. We were supposed to color what we saw out the classroom window. The view wasn’t particularly spectacular. … Continue reading

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What a Mouse and a Kangaroo Taught Me About Life

My Real Memoir Apart from Mommandad and a few unusual friends, my first introduction to Life with a capital L came from a tiny black-and-white screen. And by “Life,” I mean storytelling, which virtually defines me today; some subtly-inserted values, … Continue reading

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My All-American Friend

My Real Memoir Stevie was my first “normal” friendship. I put normal in quotes because it’s no longer considered appropriate. Personally, I’ve never been normal in any rational sense of the word, but Stevie was. I mean, heck, he had … Continue reading

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