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Teacher Appreciation Week

My wife came home glowing yesterday; she’d just received a card (with a dollar in it ;>) from one of her students. It said, “Thank you, I love you!” and was accompanied by multiple hugs. She got choked-up when she … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Donuts

Originally posted on Good and Loved:
Today, I’ll share a story I came across on Twitter which I found to be revelational and inspiring. I pray in reading it, your eyes will be opened to the wonderful price that was…

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Back to School – Ready or Not

Some schools resume as early as next week in the U.S. Others will open in the coming weeks, some later still. Some, in theses uncertain times, have postponed starting, or decided to launch their fall terms online. The only thing … Continue reading

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Grace 101

Classes have resumed at schools and universities, or will soon; one of our daughters started her junior year in college this week. Which put me in mind of a blog I once posted about a religion professor demanding an “impossible” … Continue reading

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When little people get ugly

Originally posted on Megspot:
When Molly was in grade two, her teacher called me aside to tell me that she and her BFF had been in a bit of an argument, but neither girl would talk about why. The teacher…

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In Praise of the Pencil

It is the most sophisticated communication device ever created, with its own built-in replacement cartridge and delete feature. No, I’m not talking about the computer, I’m talking about the pencil. The modern pencil was invented in 1795 by Nicholas-Jacques Conte, … Continue reading

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Weird Children

The school year is over, and children are at play again. Sign Interpretation: Billy (in slow motion): “Throoww me the ballll, Bobbyyy.” Bobby: “I caaaann’t, Biillly, I have nooo shoulderrrrs.” Billy: “Welll, thenn, I think our gaaame has reached a … Continue reading

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Parenting Illustrated

Raising a Toddler: Raising a Teenager: Parent’s School Experience: Child’s School Experience: Parent’s Goals for Teenager: Teenager’s Goals: Off to College! After College: Any Questions?

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