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Dandelions Are Human Weeds

Inspired by my earlier post “Damnedelions“ It’s that time of year when even amid the hushes of snow dandelions appear. How like us they are arranging themselves about their clocks terrified of being uprooted. Created to live for a season … Continue reading

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(Time-lapse video below) Thought for the Week It’s that time of year (where I live) when mock daisies, a.k.a. dandelions, begin popping up all over our neighborhood. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no purist. I like my grass sprinkled with … Continue reading

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The Weeds

Originally posted on Poet Rummager:
I don’t make wishes anymore. They float away. Unrestrained Clutching the earth Sinking teeth into dirt Sprouting into monsters Once held in captivity Now wild and rampant Behold the weeds of my iniquity. _____________________________________________ Psalm…

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Seeds of Conflict

Photo by Benjamin Davies Thought for the Week You and I are like grass. When we are healthy and growing close together, the seeds of conflict have little room to take root. But when grass is sparse and unhealthy, weeds … Continue reading

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A Weekend Wish That Always Comes True

It’s Saturday and the weeds await. My lawn is festooned with them, particularly the ever-present dandelionous paininthebuttous. So I begin my pre-lawncare procedure by musing about dandelions: “Wishes are iffy things,” I think, “but there’s one wish dandelions can actually … Continue reading

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The Joy of Yardwork!

Way back in 2019 BC (Before Coronavirus) yardwork was a heinous chore. But now, in the year 2020 AD (After the Disease), I actually look forward to the times I get to visit that mystical place called “Outside.”  I mowed … Continue reading

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(Time-lapse video below It’s spring! Sort of. Actually, we’re still in Sprinter where I live, so it’s snow shovels one day and flip-flops and shades the next. But the dandelions can’t be fooled. Fake-daisy-delions are popping up all over our … Continue reading

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Dandelions are Human Weeds

It’s that time of year. Even amid hushes of snow, the dandelions appear. How like us they are, arranging themselves about their clocks, terrified of being uprooted. Created to live for a season and then die beyond themselves, instead they push their … Continue reading

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