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Parable of the Spare Change

Hey, I’m Brandon. So I lost my job. On Labor Day, no less. Which isn’t funny. It actually kinda sucks. I mean, everybody tells you what you wanna hear: “It’ll work out. You got this!” Only nobody means what they … Continue reading

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Work vs. Living

Photo by Jamie Street Thought for the Week Monday is the start of the work week for most of us. And while we know we should “work to live and not live to work,” is that enough? It’s important to … Continue reading

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Service With a Smile!

It was the 1970s. I’d just completed my B.A. in Theatre Arts, so naturally all the big corporations were looking to hire me. Yeah, right. Hence, I was delighted when I found the cheapest gas around at a Texaco station … Continue reading

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Writing Checks in the New Year

I still send physical checks to pay some of my bills (you too?). And sure enough, at the start of each year I end up writing the wrong date on them. For example, today I mailed a very large payment … Continue reading

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The Stalk Market

       It’s been one of the American stock market’s most tumultuous weeks.    Last Friday, U.S. stocks plummeted. But that was OK, because Monday made last Friday look like the good ol’ days: Stocks had their biggest one … Continue reading

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Scheduling Happiness

It was 1987, and we were taking our first real vacation, thanks to the tremendous growth of the mutual fund into which I’d wisely poured our money. It was autumn, so we opted for New England, one of the few … Continue reading

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