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Hail, Hail, Rock ‘n’ Roll

I often refer to music, especially composing and songwriting, as “my other love.” Like many musicians, I started out playing in bands. And, although I play keyboards a little (mostly when composing and recording), it all began with guitars. To … Continue reading

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Miss Take

Lessons in Patience, Part One I may hold the record for the longest pause before laughing at a joke. When I was around 6 years old, our next-door neighbor finally completed years of time and money-devouring work on a lavish … Continue reading

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The Phases of Adulthood

Why are there so many names for the different phases of life from birth through teens (baby, toddler, pre-schooler, kindergartner, grade-schooler, pre-teen, tweener) and almost none for the 60+ years that follow? It’s not fair! I mean, you’re not just … Continue reading

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I Forgive You for not Being Perfect

My father was born 90 years ago today. He died 45 years later. Which means he’s been dead the same number of years he lived. Cold, round numbers that fail to tell who he was. Dad impacted every aspect of … Continue reading

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The Wishing Map 3

Note: To read The Wishing Map from the beginning, click here. The Wishing Map Chapter One: The Double Moon (continued) Previously: Mike’s bike shop attempted to snatch a carpet out of the hands of a passing red-headed woman. Zack Dore missed it, … Continue reading

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