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Fierce Love

I’m not a violent person. In fact, when I was studying method acting in college—the tap-into-your-feelings approach made famous by Brando and De Niro—I had difficulty inhabiting a particularly violent role because I’d never felt the desire to hurt anyone. … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful mom, and am truly grateful for her.  But I also want to celebrate the beautiful girl who loved me, then without losing a drop somehow magically filled up with love for our first child (every time … Continue reading

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Real Fatherhood

During self-introductions a college student of mine once boasted that he’d fathered 11 children by 11 different mothers. I normally avoid judgmental statements. Not this time. “Do you support them?” I asked. “Uh, no!” he said with a grin. “Then … Continue reading

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Feelin’ the Love!

Thank You for making Love. Before It’s Too Late my most read blog post of the year! and for making the day it was posted–and the next day–my two biggest viewing days ever!

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Look Before You…

My daughter Beth had finally reached the stage where she was ready to use the potty-training seat all by herself!  (It’s OK. I’ll wait while you applaud.) Squeak, click, went the bathroom door. A moment later, there was a blood-curdling … Continue reading

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Ticket to Heaven?

Real faith, life-changing faith, isn’t legal, it’s relational. So if you’re asking, “How do I get into heaven?” you’re asking the wrong question. Heaven is God’s home, as it were, and the way to “get in” isn’t to pick the … Continue reading

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