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Snogging, The Beatles, and Me

My Real Memoir I was in love. Not with a girl, but with music. And yet, somehow the two seemed inextricably linked. Music in the 1960s was an explosion of styles: Pop, Soul, R&B were constantly merging and borrowing from … Continue reading

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How I Almost Became a Man of the World at Age 13

My Real Memoir I longed to be sophisticated, urbane, a celebrated satirist and scribe. I’d already conquered the stage, become known for my caricatures (see above), and was well on my way to winning my first Nobel Prize for Literature, … Continue reading

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Turning Human Again

Image by Ben Kane The Wishing Map is a full-length fantasy that is being posted episodically at this site. To read the previous episode, click here. To read the entire novel, begin here. After kidnapping Zack, Liulah the cloud shepherd decided to restore … Continue reading

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The Wishing Map 33

Note: To read The Wishing Map from the beginning, click here. The Wishing Map Chapter Eight: Liulah (Continued) Previously: Guilt-stricken, Liulah decided to restore Zack’s humanness. ⇔ ⇔ ⇔ Zack gave no real resistance, because nothing mattered. He smiled blithely … Continue reading

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