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Mercy Is Strength in Disguise

Thought for the Week Our current culture loves to point out people’s failings. It makes us feel strong, righteous. But how often do we really know why others act–or fail to act–the way they do? Before we ridicule or punish … Continue reading

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The Second Black Sheep

Originally posted on Kamina A. Fitzgerald Ed.D.:
The school bell has rung, class is now in session. I would like to talk about the black sheep, but not in the way one may suppose. I want to talk about…

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Do You Live in Your Head?

I’m a monologist. By which I mean I’m a dedicated one-way communicator. Writing and lecturing come naturally to me. But conversation? Well… Did I mention I’m a monologist? An old girlfriend once stared at me in disbelief and said, “You … Continue reading

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What Do Colors Mean Around the World?

Originally posted on A Better Man:
The internet is chock full of infographics and posts that explain the psychological associations of various colors to help people and brands choose the perfect hue for their product, logo, or living room wall.…

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Mental Health: Acceptance (Part I)

Originally posted on K E Garland:
Around 2005, I found my biological mother’s side of the family, and with that came a narrative about my family’s mental health. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services sent me a thick…

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Hey, If They Can Get Along…

(Click on any image to enlarge it, or start slide show) A quick reminder from the animal kingdom: We don’t have to be like each other to get along. Heck, we don’t even have to be the same species!

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Reach Out!

“Reach out” is the contemporary term for making contact. People don’t “get in touch with” others anymore, they “reach out” to them. There’s something both sweet and desperate about that phrase in this age of disconnection and intolerance. Agreement is … Continue reading

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