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It Could be Worse!

Hey, at least Friday the 13th didn’t come on Christmas Day! Oh, wait, that can’t happen because…never mind. But, wait, that means Christmas is still coming! So how bad can it be? Happy Christmas-is-only-12-days-away-Friday-the-13th! (Click on any picture to enlarge … Continue reading

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Capturing the Unexpected

Coincidence? I Think Not. Life, as mentioned in the first Capturing the Unexpected post, is sometimes horrible, sometimes beautiful, and always just a little bit weird. Why is that? (Lean in close and I’ll tell you.) It’s because we’re weird! … Continue reading

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Welcome to Church: No Luggage Required

(See video¬†below) I first set foot inside a church (on purpose) on Easter Sunday¬†42 years ago. I was full of uncertainty. About what I believed. About whether I really wanted to be there. And about how to behave (as I … Continue reading

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Humans are, almost by definition, amateurs. Just when you start to get a handle on being a toddler, you become a kid. And just when you’re halfway proficient at being a kid, you turn into a teenager. And parenthood? Forget … Continue reading

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Klutsy Parent Syndrome

KPS (Klutsy Parent Syndrome) can strike at any time. You can help: Schedule a sterilization appointment today.

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Best News Bloopers of 2014

Alarmingly, painfully, ridiculously funny. Sometimes it’s just embarrassing to be human. Happy New Year! (May it turn out better than most of those above.)

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