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(Time-lapse video below It’s spring! Sort of. Actually, we’re still in Sprinter where I live, so it’s snow shovels one day and flip-flops and shades the next. But the dandelions can’t be fooled. Fake-daisy-delions are popping up all over our … Continue reading

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Dandelions are Human Weeds

It’s that time of year. Even amid hushes of snow, the dandelions appear. How like us they are, arranging themselves about their clocks, terrified of being uprooted. Created to live for a season and then die¬†beyond¬†themselves, instead they push their … Continue reading

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(Time-lapse video below) It’s spring. Start your mowers. Thanks to those croquet-mad Victorians and a voracious lawn care industry, millions slavishly strive to maintain yards full of thick virginal grass–and nothing else! Good luck with that. I’m no purist. I … Continue reading

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Genetically Mollified

Behold, I saw the Earth in its final days And all that remained upon it Were ranch houses made of stucco Overgrown with dandelions And in them Roaches Dancing and singing La Cucaracha ~Lamentations of the Prophet Monsanto

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