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Thank You, God, For Not Making Me Handsome!

I discovered when I was young that I loved everything to do with storytelling. I wrote poems, short stories, songs, and created such poignant scenes in front of the bathroom mirror that I swear it cried. (Well, I know I … Continue reading

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Useless Inventions

Inventions! Where would we be without them? Did you know that money doesn’t grow on trees! Someone actually had to invent it! Why? So we could use it to buy other things that don’t grow on trees, like: Computers! Airplanes! … Continue reading

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My Scar Stories

The Mother of All Calamities When I hit 13, I was old enough to go on YMCA Caravans, cross-country trips in which two leaders and a dozen barely-teen boys would pile into a van and head for parts semi-known. My … Continue reading

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What I Didn’t Expect Was…

Last weekend, while my wife was off leading a one-day spiritual retreat, I expected to spend the day polishing up our little tarnished patch of earthly paradise. First, I expected to climb up onto the roof with my trusty electric … Continue reading

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A Filmmaker’s Journal

A New Batch of Kudos! More kudos have rolled in for our film Notzilla! Or, I don’t know, maybe they took an Uber (I’m not sure whether kudos can roll on their own). At any rate, they’ve arrived and our … Continue reading

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Animals: What are They Thinking?

Have you ever wondered what animals are thinking? More than we realize, actually (see facts after pics below). What’s up with these guys? (Click on any image to enlarge, or to start slide show) Did you know that… Cats imitate … Continue reading

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Brussels Sprouts

Originally posted on John Malone:
Tight-fisted , they are hard as knuckles and spoiling for a fight   as they tumble like marbles on to the floor , little green foot- balls begging me   to sink the boot in…

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