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If Adventure Has a Name…

Photo credits: Old Chum and The Life of Animals  My Real Memoir I was born for adventure. I know that sounds a tad over-the-top, and maybe it was just my age. But from early on all of my favorite stories … Continue reading

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Yay, I’m Seven!

Photo by Hossein Azarbad It’s my seventh blogiversary! I had no idea when I started seven years ago: That I’d ever have more than a handful of followers. That I’d develop real and meaningful friendships in the process. How supportive … Continue reading

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Things Aren’t Always What They Seem to Be

It’s true, things aren’t always what they seem to be. Yes, our world would be more convenient if they were. But it would also be less entertaining! Click on any image to enlarge it, or to begin slide show.

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My First Big Fork in the Road

My Real Memoir Have you ever wondered who you’d be if at some point you’d taken a different fork in the road? Pursued a different career. Married a different person. Chosen not to pet that baby alligator. My first big … Continue reading

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The Olympics! COVID and controversies aside, my wife and I will be glued to our television screen for the Opening Ceremony tonight and for various events over the coming days. But humans aren’t the only great athletes. In fact, most … Continue reading

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My First Girlfriend

Photo by Gerrie Vernon My Real Memoir While still in 2nd grade, inspired by the Little Rascals, my buddy Jeff and I formed a “He Man Woman Haters Club (No Girlz Allowed!).” We met a couple of times in a … Continue reading

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20 Worst “Romantic” Lines Ever

I went to a singles bar once and…sorry, that’s all I got. Here are some lines I didn’t use: “You’re like a keyboard–your just my type.” Dated reference (requires knowledge of something called a “typewriter”). Still, if you’re cruising retirement … Continue reading

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Sometimes a Sappy Smile is Just the Thing

I love humor (who doesn’t?), and I confess to having a sarcastic streak (OK, more like a motherload). But there’s just so much mean-spirited humor out there these days that sometimes I find it refreshing to have a chuckle or … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

My favorite sign ever was painted on a shop window in Canterbury, England. It said, “Sex Aids for Ferrets!” Only upon drawing nearer did I see the small print beneath that read, “Not really, but we do have some great … Continue reading

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Everything You Never Needed to Know About Me

“Getting Ready to Go to the Prom” (my first film appearance), shot by the illustrious Kathy’s Mom. In my early blogging days, when I still posted by telegraph, I regularly responded to Blogger Award invitations. I don’t do those anymore, … Continue reading

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