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My Summer of Love

Summer Memories (Part One) Martha. An old-fashioned name for an old-fashioned girl. The moment I met her I admired her. She was one of three sisters. There was a “rebellious one,” a “baby-of-the-family,” and a “good one.” Martha was the … Continue reading

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I Hate Masks!

Last Sunday, my wife and I ate in the fabled part of a restaurant known as “Inside.” Except for while we were actually eating (the intake of “food” requiring access to a facial orifice called a “mouth”) we wore our … Continue reading

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Two Movies at Once!

I never dreamed I’d have two feature films, as a writer-director, in release at the same time–and two such completely different movies, too! Our distributor decided that, rather than wait as originally intended, they’d release my new comedy Notzilla right … Continue reading

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Notzilla is Coming!

Run! Or laugh anyway. My feature film Notzilla, an affectionate monster movie send-up, is due to be released very soon! I’ll post more as soon as I know the details! ≅ Meanwhile, my dramatic feature Healing River is receiving stellar … Continue reading

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Summer Treats on Wheels!

Summer Memories Along with camping and roller rinks, I associate summer with delivery trucks. Huh? Sure, delivery guys were there year-round; the proverbial off-color tease was to suggest a particular young and attractive mom’s kids looked “an awful lot like … Continue reading

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Has the World Gotten Weirder This Year?

(Click on any image to enlarge it, or to begin slide show.) And don’t miss the second set of pictures and quotes below. Then again, maybe we’ve always been weird: “I’m very polite by nature, even the voices in my … Continue reading

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Shakespeare on Roller Skates

Summer Memories Summer! During our pre-teen years (definition: we liked girls but didn’t know what to do with them), if we couldn’t be in the water, we were on wheels, going as fast as we could to stay cool–not that … Continue reading

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2020 So Far

So, I saw this on my way to the market this morning, and thought, “Aha, well, that pretty much explains 2020 so far.

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Service With a Smile!

It was the 1970s. I’d just completed my B.A. in Theatre Arts, so naturally all the big corporations were looking to hire me. Yeah, right. Hence, I was delighted when I found the cheapest gas around at a Texaco station … Continue reading

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Does God Answer?

God rarely tells me what he’s doing. But he’s always more than willing to show me what he wants me to do. Some years back I landed an invitation-only position in a CBS workshop for up-and-coming comedy writers. Was I … Continue reading

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