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Brit Wit!

I usually refer to myself as a filmmaker, but sometimes I act on screen, as well.  Here’s a fun little bit I did a few years back for a video advertising company called Epipheo (I play the stuffy British fellow).

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Unpredictable Moments

Is the universe laughing behind our backs, or does it simply have a different agenda? Sometimes life is beautiful, sometimes it’s weird, mostly it’s just unpredictable. Which is pretty cool. Most of the time. (Click on any image to enlarge … Continue reading

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Hilarious Hybrid Dog Name

Hybrid dogs are all the rage. Plus hybrids save on gas (many dogs run on pure methane). Here are some of my favorite combinations (yes, these are actual breed names): Bagle – Beagle + Basset Hound (great with cream cheese) … Continue reading

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Pastor Rogers?

Did you know that Mr. Rogers was an ordained pastor? Yep, that Mr. Rogers. What would it have been like to attend a church service where “Pastor Rogers” preached? My old comedy act Mitch & Allen (I was Mitch), started … Continue reading

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Let’s Celebrate Toilets!

There are few things people talk about less and do so much (the average person spends 1 ½ years of their life in the water closet). But public sanitation is a big deal, so the United Nations has officially proclaimed … Continue reading

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Rebel Without Applause

The first film I starred in, apart from home movies, was a cheesy low-budget Rebel Without a Cause knockoff called Eden Cried. And by starred in I mean, of course, that I was an extra. I’d just gotten out of … Continue reading

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Why Is “Smart” Marketing So Dumb?

  I’m not impressed with “smart” marketing. I’ve received smart (targeted) ads for: Lacrosse equipment (a sport I have no interest in)—because I bought Lacrosse gear for a nephew who was into it for three months when he was 14 … Continue reading

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