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April Fools?

What if this virus thing were really just a big, elaborate April Fools’ Day joke? Oh, how we’d all laugh while those merry pranksters were being lined up and shot. (Sadly, it’s not, so please stay safe and healthy, my … Continue reading

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Comedy Relief

After performing tragedies, the ancient Greeks always staged comedies, often making fun of the tragedies they’d just presented. Why? Comedy relief. Likewise, humor flourishes during wars and epidemics. Morbidity? No, survival. When we’re under attack, we ridicule our attackers and … Continue reading

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Just Doing My Part

By responsibly practicing social distancing, I’m keeping thousands of people from being directly exposed to me. No, I don’t have the virus (I hope), I’m referring to my personality. You’re welcome. P.S. To my online friends: If you’re about to … Continue reading

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A New Symbol of Resistance

Now that the War on Coronavirus is official, we need an icon, a symbol of resistance. A take-no-prisoners toughie wielding a bottle of lethal-strength sanitizer. Leaving toilet paper and take-out food on doorsteps, then ringing doorbells with a surgically gloved … Continue reading

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Parenting Techniques For 2020

Originally posted on Newspeak:
Parenting experts are beginning to wonder if the ‘wooden spoon’ method may have some limitations in it’s utilisation in child discipline. ?In controlled government funded testing, subjects have responded ‘inconsistently’ and numerous spoons have been broken…

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Be the Tree!

The incident below occurred years ago when Cleveland’s rep was at an all-time low. More recently, my wife and I spent a wonderful weekend there, strolling the art deco boulevards, eating great meals, and exploring the inimitable Rock & Roll … Continue reading

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My Epic Quest for Toilet Paper

Due to the growing pandemic, most public gatherings in our area are cancelled. The public is making a run on local markets in preparation to stay at home. Toilet paper was the first thing to go! It all feels kind … Continue reading

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