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Hitting the Creative Bullseye

Source: The Van Gogh Gallery Thought for the Week When you’re “a creative,” i.e. a person who creates original works of any type, you struggle continually to make something meaningful. Your art form—writing, music, photography, whatever—probably has some kind of … Continue reading

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The Day I Fell In Love with Music

My Real Memoir I’d always loved music. I just didn’t know it. It was my Uncle Walt (Disney) who’d introduced me to it. I danced along with the Mouseketeers and wore my coonskin cap when I sang the theme from the … Continue reading

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Martin Molin’s Magical Musical Marble Machine

Guest Blog by Annika Perry Swedish-born, British-bred poet-storyteller Annika Perry explores all kinds of marvelous topics, but I found this one particularly “marble-ous” (my pun, so don’t blame her)! Marbles! From early childhood games, the trick to winning more marbles … Continue reading

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My First Single From My First Movie Score Released!

I’m thrilled to announce that “Impossible Love,” my first single from the soundtrack of the multi-award-winning motion picture Healing River, is now available through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, and others. To listen to or buy “Impossible Love,” … Continue reading

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Me and Princess Leia’s Mom

I’ve always been in love with movies. As a kid I wanted with every fiber of my being to be Gene Kelly. To sing like him. To dance like him. But most of all, to kiss girls like him. Especially … Continue reading

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Hail, Hail, Rock ‘n’ Roll

I often refer to music, especially composing and songwriting, as “my other love.” Like many musicians, I started out playing in bands. And, although I play keyboards a little (mostly when composing and recording), it all began with guitars. To … Continue reading

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Fist fight with the mirror.

Originally posted on You, Me, Music & Life:
It would be pretty amazing if we all could have a superpower, what would you go for if you could pick one? Invisibility sounds good, but definitely has the potential to get…

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The Fifth Beatle

Sixty years ago, Johnny and the Moondogs changed their name to The Beatles (good call). I first heard them 15 years later, when they exploded onto the American airwaves. But it wouldn’t have happened without the Fifth Beatle. It seems … Continue reading

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Music from My Movies: Correction!

Oops! Well, this is embarrassing! A couple of days ago I shared The Game, a song I wrote for the feature film Over-the-Rhine, only to discover that I’d accidentally uploaded an earlier version! I’ve updated the blog post to include … Continue reading

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Music from My Movies

The Game Creating music for the films I write and direct has become my principal way of pursuing my “other love.” I embedded Healing River, the song used in the opening of my feature film Over-the-Rhine, in my first Music … Continue reading

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